Do you trade content? It can now cost you big time with Prop 60

Trading content between performers for use on their individual websites is a popular thing. But what some people don’t seem to realize is that in doing so, you are now faced with the realities of Prop 60.

This means the second you post that scene on your website, you have a viable financial interest in that scene.

There are a lot of little parts in Prop 60 that can screw you, but most people don’t realize that it applies to them because they don’t consider themselves producers. But the way the law is written it makes anyone with a financial interest in a movie liable.

Producing content for your website, where you make money from selling membership gives you a vested financial interest.

It’s not just about traditional adult movies either. Let’s talk about web camming, where you record it and post it as archives for your members. Did you use a sex toy? If you look at it carefully it doesn’t say the penetration must be between a male and a female. If the state really wanted to they could nail you for not using a condom for penetration though toys.

For those of you thinking you can get off because you don’t LIVE in California, only work there – think again. Do you not think they won’t put a warrant out for your arrest for violation of one of their laws? THINK AGAIN. If you committed a crime in the state, no matter what that crime may be, they will eventually catch up with you.

Even if let’s just say they nail you for being a non licensed producer (if Prop 60 passes) – that’s still a violation of California law. You think you don’t have to obey their laws because you don’t live there? Think again. If you film adult content in the state of California, ever – then Prop 60 matters to you.

Don’t think Prop 60 is just about getting producers to pay for your testing because it goes much deeper than that. It puts every single performer out there at serious risk as well.

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