SpicyPixels.ai Pioneers 8K 60 FPS 3D Conversion for VR and AR

Are you an adult content creator or company looking to dramatically increase customer engagement and stand out from the competition? SpicyPixels.ai has the solution.

Their revolutionary AI-powered platform converts any 2D adult video into a stunning 8K 60FPS 3D experience optimized for VR and AR. With SpicyPixels.ai, you can:

  • Skyrocket content value by making your entire back catalog viewable in VR/AR
  • Eliminate the high cost and hassle of shooting in 3D
  • Open up exciting new revenue streams without needing to do any work

Built by a team of machine learning experts working closely with the adult industry, SpicyPixels.ai uses advanced AI to analyze scene depth and seamlessly transform standard videos into mesmerizing 8K 60 FPS masterpieces fit for VR and AR consumption.

SpicyPixels.ai can convert any video to be viewed in VR

Under the hood, SpicyPixels.ai runs advanced AI pipelines that convert standard flat 2D videos into immersive 3D videos for VR. These pipelines employ monocular depth estimation to gauge scene depth, then determine what a viewer’s left and right eye would see, and finally encode the video as a side-by-side video or MV-HEVC encoded video. With this transformative conversion process, you can deliver unparalleled VR immersion without the need for dedicated VR content production.

Revitalizing Content with 4K and 8K 60 FPS Upscaling

In addition to 3D conversion, SpicyPixels.ai offers advanced upscaling capabilities, empowering creators to enhance video resolution and frame rate to stunning 4K and 8K at 60 frames per second. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, SpicyPixels.ai ensures that even legacy content can be revitalized with stunning clarity and smooth motion. Whether it’s breathing new life into existing catalogs or ensuring that newly created content meets the highest standards of visual fidelity, SpicyPixels.ai can help you deliver immersive experiences that captivate audiences.

SpicyPixels.ai can create a virtual green screen so any video can be viewed in passthrough AR

SpicyPixels.ai goes beyond VR by offering robust support for Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. With the ability to create virtual green screens, you can now seamlessly integrate adult performers into any virtual environment, opening up a world of possibilities for immersive AR experiences. By embracing AR, you can convert your entire adult video to be viewable in passthrough AR, giving you a new tool to engage audiences.

Backed by Industry Endorsements

SpicyPixels.ai has undergone rigorous testing by a community of users within the adult entertainment industry. Feedback from beta testing has contributed to refining the platform’s AI algorithms, ensuring that it meets industry standards and addresses specific requirements.

Built by experienced Computer Vision and VFX Professionals

Built by a team of machine learning and VFS experts working closely with the adult industry, SpicyPixels.ai uses state-of-the-art video processing pipelines and delivers studio-quality results quickly and reliably. The quality has to be seen to be believed. 

Unlock Explosive Growth

Ready to take your adult content to the next level? Explore the possibilities with SpicyPixels.ai and discover how 3D conversion can unlock explosive new growth. With dedicated support and algorithms tailored to adult content, SpicyPixels.ai is ready to unlock your content’s full potential.

Check it out at spicypixels.ai or email team@spicypixels.ai to set up a call today.

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