Content Creator Joseph Depp Caught Faking STD Test

Content creator Joseph Depp likes to fancy himself a professional male performer. But you know what professional male porn stars don’t do? They don’t fake their STD tests.

Joseph Depp Fake STD Test

This guy has been called out by fellow performers like Kia Noir, Carmen Valentina, Alex Coal, and Sophia Locke for this behavior. In addition, he has been banned from TTS and Cutting Edge Testing.

Joseph Depp Fake STD TestJoseph Depp Fake STD Test


He contacts girls on social media to do content with them, but he claims he can’t test with TTS because of the cost. But the reality is, he’s banned because he got caught faking his test.

Joseph Depp Fake STD Test

Joseph Depp Fake STD Test Joseph Depp Fake STD Test


This kind of risky behavior puts the entire talent pool at risk and could even shut the industry down if he popped positive and infected others. Please be careful when working with this guy. He’s a huge walking red flag.

Joseph Depp is someone that could put you at risk. Your overall health and well-being is far more important than that.


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