Let’s talk facts and REAL information about Prop 60

The truth of the matter is, we have issues in regards to performer safety. The adult industry knows this … I mean it’s not a big secret.

As Mike South recently pointed out recently, “we had a VERY active female performer who was having unprotected sex with an HIV positive former performer, she even got pregnant with his child.”

That alone should scare the shit out of every single performer out there. This didn’t happen in Miami or Arizona or some remote corner of the world. This happened in LA. This was the LA talent pool at risk here.

This was a very active female performer in LA who exposed every single person she shot with and every single person they shot with.

Let me repeat this so there is no confusion …. an HIV positive person was having regular, unprotected sex with an active female performer.

This wasn’t an OMG WHAT IF scenario. This is something that has actually happened and recently to boot.

But is Prop 60 really the answer? Will Prop 60 fix these kind of problems that we actually face in the adult industry? No. It will only add more problems.

Prop 60 doesn’t actually address a single issue the adult industry actually faces.

Prop 60 won’t solve anything.

Does a producer getting a license somehow magically protect you? Of course not. It only adds to the expensive of making a movie so now you get paid less. How does that little piece of paper protect you? It doesn’t!

Do you think making producers pay for your testing will really work out?

Think again. Because then producers will only want to work with girls who are already tested.

Unless you are at the top of the food chain, a producer isn’t going to spend the money on paying for your test. You’ll either get passed over or paid less. So what did you really accomplish?

Producers will pass the costs of this law on to you, the performer. That means now instead of making $600, $800, or even $1200 a boy/girl scene, suddenly you’ll have to cover things like licenses, special production permits, new record keeping fees and your test. So expect BG rates to drop 20% to 30% overnight.

Why in the world would you think a producer would pay for your test and not somehow find a way to make up for that cost, by paying LESS for you.

It works out, according to some, to be about $200 per scene, per performer. And who do you think pay for that shit? YOU.


No producer is going to nut up those extra expenses. I promise you that. So what did Prop 60 really get you? You now make less money per scene AND you open yourself up for liability for things like web camming and content trades.

Do you want to film a scene with your husband? Better wear a condom, be tested and have a producer’s license. You also must now foot the expense of the new record keeping policy for four years. Yes that also means putting your address as a part of the public record.

What’s that? You don’t want to reveal your home address (where you and your husband actually shot the scene), that’s to bad. And did you have a permit to record the time you blew your husband’s cock in your bedroom? These are all things that come into play under Prop 60.

If you think Prop 60 is just about getting producers to pay for testing you couldn’t be more wrong.

Because in the end, that’s the one thing that will never – ever – ever – happen. They may pretend to pay for that test, but I assure you, in the end, you are the one paying for that test because they are just going to pay you less for that scene to cover the cost of your test.

So one way or another you are going to be paying for that test.

That isn’t speculation. That is a fact.

No producer will pay for your test and still pay your full rate for scene. It’s just not going to happen. I don’t care what the law says, in the end, they will pass that cost of that test on to you.

Surely you can’t be naive enough to really think Prop 60 is going to do anything but hurt your chances to make money in the adult industry.




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