Demi Sutra Issues Safety Warning Regarding Trinity St. Clair

For the last year or so, multiple female performers have quietly been sharing their horror stories about working with Trinity St. Clair, each of which has been booked on jobs by Trinity and, in turn, got held at gunpoint, robbed, and/or sexually assaulted.

Not one or two, but at least seven different girls have had this experience while working with Trinity St. Clair.

Sadly, so few are willing to come forward out of fear of retribution. Trinity has been known to send threats claiming she’s in with the mafia.

This kind of abusive, predatory behavior isn’t new. Trinity St. Clair has been doing this for years.

In May of 2022, Trinity St. Clair sent out Holly Hendrix for a job in San Francisco as a tatted-out Italian guy. Trinity told Holly she knew him and that other girls had met him before. Trinity St. Clair even sent him to the airport to pick her up. She ended up getting assaulted. Below is a censored picture.

Holly Hendrix

Demi Sutra shared her own story about working with Trinity on Twitter.

I have not been and will not be returning to seeing clients and I feel called to let you know that it’s all Trinity st Clair’s fault. Last year I went on my second tour in New York in hopes of sharing some experiences with fans in a safe environment. It was not safe and it was intentional. It breaks my heart, because I use to love FSSW. I loved connecting with people in such an intimate and clear setting. This woman is so dangerous, believe the stories. One day, I might share mine, but girls, please stay away from this btch for real. FANS STAY AWAY FROM HER TOO. I ALMOST DIED BECAUSE OF HER. My friend shared the same experience as me. We went together. 💔💔 we both quit right after.

All of this happened last year, I haven’t been able to see anyone since. I think it’s naturally coming up again because it was last June. I have worked very hard to overcome what I went through and I don’t want anyone else having that experience. Please urge each other to stay away from Trinity Saint Clair. She’s a druggie monster that will set you up to be hurt and will leave you to die. I am very serious.

Demi Sutra Issues Safety Warning Regarding Trinity St. Claire

There are so many horror stories that girls have about working with Trinity St. Clair and her escorting website, Porn Companions.

I will try my best to share more stories if I can but for now I wanted to share with you what I have.

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