Spiegler “It Girl” Riley Reid being called out as a Rapist ** UPDATE

There’s big a lot of talk on social media today about Riley Reid, former AVN Female Performer of the year. On her personal website, he recounts the story of how she lost her virginity. In a now-removed post on her website “Reid My Lips”, Riley Reid talks about how she forced someone to have sex with her. Someone who told her no, not once, but three times.

Riley Reid

No means no and to have sex legally both parties must consent.

I copied this from a Huffington Post article about rape because it’s very suitable for this Riley Reid rape story.

“You might’ve heard of the term “rape culture” before in passing. … Rape culture is a concept that’s been institutionalized in our society that makes sexual violence inevitable. … So why then, is it so hard to understand the meaning of yes and no when it comes to consent?”

It all began with a tweet. A tweet by Riley Reid herself where she bragged about raping someone. Here is a copy of the now deleted tweet.

@mattyb327 lost my virginity? Funny story, I raped a kid in a movie theater cause I wanted to fuck and he kept sayin no. Thats how I lost it”

She told this story 6 years ago in 2012 and nobody said a word. Why? Consent was just as important 6 years ago, as it is today. That’s a shame really that for years this story has been out there and nobody has done or said a single thing. Just a few years after this tweet, she was rewarded with the industry’s highest honor, the title of the AVN Female Performer of the Year. And this was just weeks after posting the entire story on her personal website. She has also won the title of XBIZ Female Performer of the Year.

Now she has deleted the whole post, which originally went up on December 12, 2015, at https://www.reidmylips.com/single-post/2015/12/12/FAQ.

On this post someone asked “When was the first time you ever had sex? and what was it like?

Oh, my virginity! This is a fun story. Alright so I’ve been dating my 14-year-old boyfriend at the time, a British kid named Clarke, while I was 15 two weeks shy of 16. e had been dating for about 4 months I’d say and we hit it off! I mean I was already giving him blowjobs, he was finger banging me and we would dry hump each other all the time. I was so horny for this kid I couldn’t control myself. Well like our usual practice we would go to the mall and catch an afternoon movie, a really lame hoping it was empty because this was our hook-up spot. The mall in general. Behind ac unit vents, at the movies, in the grass! Anywhere I could stick his cock in my mouth I would. I’m telling you, H O R N Y.

So we go watch this movie, I really couldn’t tell you what movie it was but it was pretty close to empty with maybe 3 people in the theater. I was already blowing him and jerking him off, while he had been teasing me when I asked him if I could just get on. I really didn’t even think twice about it. I wanted his dick.

He on the other hand didn’t want to lose his virginity in the movies and said no that we should wait. I was still jerking him off and asked again and he again remained to his first decision, leaving me rejected again.

I really couldn’t stand it and still playing with his boner I asked him yet a third time hoping he’d give in but standing his ground he denied me. Well, I guess in my book, no means yes because his boner didn’t turn me down! I placed myself in cowgirl on his lap and slide his cock right inside of me. He didn’t push me off and it was great. I needed his boner and forced him upon myself. I guess you can say I’m aggressive. sorry, not sorry Clarke!

You know you loved it! We continued to date and have sex for about 6 months in all kinds of places like of course snuck him through the window into my room. At the local park in the baseball dugout. In every alley. The front yard of my parent’s house. Anywhere we got the chance.

I was going to try and call Mark Spiegler for comment, but then realized, why? He’s known about this for years and hasn’t done anything about it. So clearly that’s where he stands on the issue of rape.

For those of you saying she posted this story on her blog as a publicity stunt, might want to see this video she posted back in August of 2016.

To date, Riley Reid has won 39 adult industry awards.


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