Meet Layla Jenner … the newest member of the “that’s fucked up” club

If you thought I could never top the stories I’ve done before about Riley Reid, Davina Davis, and Asa Akira …. think again.

Meet 20-year-old Layla Jenner. If you haven’t heard of her yet, let me give you a little more details. She’s new to porn, previously with Motley Models, but now self-booking. She started her career in porn just this year and has already starred in at least 15 scenes.

But it’s not her performance in those X-rated flicks that is getting her attention.

Like Riley Reid admitting to rape, Davina Davis making racist comments, and Asa Akira’s pedophilia, we now have a new member of the club … Layla Jenner, who apparently thought it would be fun to use homophobic slurs.

Since I’m pretty sure this video is about to be taken down, I grabbed a copy for you!

This all took place on a Kick live stream hosted by a man named Jon Zherka, who himself is known for his outlandish and offensive statements.

In the video clip, Layla Jenner talks about being married and how her husband loves her and doesn’t care about what she does on social media.

She goes on to say how he’s a really sweet guy. Then Zherka asked if he’s ever had a bisexual experience. She was quick to say no and that she doesn’t like guys. She goes on to use homophobic slurs.

Layla Jenner: I would just never fuck a gay guy. Or like a bi-guy. It’s gross!

Zherka: Do you say faggot?

Layla Jenner: Yeah. Can I say faggot on here?

Zherka: Yeah. But you have to call someone that.

Layla Jenner: Faggot.

Zherka: Yeah, your husband’s a faggot.

Layla Jenner: No he’s not.

Zherka: He’s never done anything gay? And if he did, you’d drop him? That’s where you draw the line?

Layla  Jenner: Yeah. That’s cheating, too. Ewww.

As if all of that wasn’t bad enough, she took it just another step further. In another stream with the same guy, she pretended to be a 16-year-old little girl where she ground her ass into the man’s cock while he says, “She’s 16. I’m a pedophile. I went to a state where it’s legal.”

Of course, in reality, Layla Jenner was, I think, 19 at the time she recorded that clip. But she did pretend to be a child, and that is downright fucked up.

You might recall the story I did with Max Hardcore about the little girl who pretended to be like 12. Or the story about Jada Kai who pretended to be a little girl, with her hair in pigtails and her stuffed bunny, and went to bed with her daddy because she was scared and, well, I don’t know any nice way to put it, she “roleplayed” being a little girl who had sex with her father.

I really don’t know what to say about this. I mean what can I even say? The whole thing makes some want to



I want to thank Austin King for first bringing this story to my attention. If you don’t follow him on Twitter (X) @AustinKingPC you should do that. He writes some really good stories.



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