Adult Performer Assaulted on Set – Be Careful of TheWestWingXXX

Every 30 seconds, a violent crime occurs somewhere in the world. These crimes can happen to anyone, even during what should be a professional shoot organized by an agent.

In a horrifying incident, adult performer Nelly Kent endured a nightmare scenario that nearly cost her her life.

Nelly Kent went to film with “The West Wing XXX,” a couple who creates content for OnlyFans and broadcasts live on Chaturbate. The shoot, which lasted 11 grueling hours, ended in a traumatic ordeal. Not only was Nelly not paid for her time, but she was also left with multiple bruises, cuts, scrapes, and two broken fingers. According to police reports, the male partner’s violent intent went far beyond breaking her fingers; he attempted to break her legs just before she managed to escape.

The Dangerous Couple: “The West Wing XXX”

Adult Performer Assaulted on Set - Be Careful of The West Wing XXX

The couple in question, who use the names “The West Wing XXX” or “WestWingXXX,” are known for booking shoots and broadcasting their content live. Despite turning their social media accounts private, evidence of their abusive behavior has surfaced. This American man and his Finnish wife are trying to book new shoots in the US, posing a significant threat to other performers.

Just look at this video shared with my be another female performer who had a bad experience working with them in the past.

Nelly’s experience is a stark warning to all performers. During her 11-hour shoot, she was subjected to verbal and physical abuse. She left the set not only unpaid but severely injured, with two broken fingers and various other injuries. The male performer’s aggression escalated to the point where he attempted to cause even more serious harm.

The severity of the incident was confirmed by an Airbnb host who viewed the recorded video of the assault. The host immediately evicted the couple and provided the recordings to local authorities. The male partner is currently wanted in Europe for questioning on multiple charges related to this and possibly other incidents.

This incident underscores the importance of caution when accepting bookings from lesser-known or smaller companies. The adult industry can be particularly vulnerable to such violent predators. Performers are urged to verify the credentials of anyone they plan to work with and to ensure their safety above all else.

Due to the ongoing criminal investigation, further details and videos of the assault cannot be shared at this time. However, the evidence available is damning. The American male involved is aggressively abusive and is actively sought by European authorities.

Performers are encouraged to report abusive behavior or incidents to local authorities and to tell their friends and co-workers so that they, too, don’t work with that person.

It is vital to share this information widely to prevent further incidents and to support those who have been victimized by such predators.

Nelly Kent’s narrow escape from a life-threatening situation is a reminder of the potential dangers in the industry. All performers must stay vigilant and prioritize their safety. The actions of “The West Wing XXX” couple are not isolated, and it is crucial to avoid any engagement with them. The adult industry community must unite to protect its members from such violent threats.

Stay safe, stay informed, and share this warning widely to ensure no one else falls victim to this dangerous couple.

If you’ve had a similar experience with The West Wing XXX, you can follow Nelly Kent on X at @nellykent51, and she can connect you with the same investigators handling her case.

And if you are in the United States, which is where this couple is located right now, avoid working with them at all costs.

Their Twitter page is @thewestwingxxx.



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