Porn Agents

Anyone can claim to be an agent, but under the law, a talent agent must be licensed by the state of California and have a $50,000 bond which is kept on file with the state as well. If you aren’t sure exactly what an agent does and how they differ from “managers” then not to worry, you can click here and read my article about that.

Here is a current list of all the porn agents out there who are legally licensed to do business in the state of California. If your agent isn’t on this list, chances are they aren’t legally licensed.

There is however the off chance I missed someone. If you know of what I don’t have listed let me know please. Also if you know of one that is no longer is business just drop me a line and I’ll update this list.

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This information was last updated and is believed to be accurate as of November 16, 2016.

  • 101 Modeling – ( – TA000231446
  • 360 Models – ( –TA000219207
  • Adult Talent Managers – ATMLA ( – TA-153358
  • Black Rose Talent   They are located in Florida do mostly work down there. They are not licensed in California.
  • Coxxx Modeling – ( – TA000212014
  • East Coast Talent ( – TA-155440-1. They no longer seem to have a license in the state of California as of the 11/16/2016 update.
  • Foxxx Modeling ( – TA000224805
  • Hussie Models ( – TA000222368  They are located in Florida. They are not legally licensed in Florida but they are in California.
  • Ideal Image Models ( – TA-151955-1 They no longer seem to have a license in the state of California as of the 11/16/2016 update.
  • LA Direct ( TA-42215-1. I am told they also have a license to operate in Las Vegas although I don’t know their license number for that.
  • Matrix Models ( – TA000207917
  • Motley Models ( – TA000214519
  • Nexxxt Level Talent Agency ( – TA000226134
  • OC Modeling ( – TA-82570
  • Plush Talent ( – TA-213308
  • Skyn Talent ( – NV Lic#: NV20151600442 | CA Lic#: TA-157645
  • Society Fifteen (Society – TA000223539
  • Spiegler Girls ( – TA000225598
  • The VIP Connect ( licensed in California. They sometimes use the name LAX Models, that too is not licensed in the state of California.
  • Sylvaria (NeuModels and Adult Star Models) – TA000224251
  • World Modeling ( – TA000212021

Just remember, always make sure any agency you want to use is licensed. It’s the law. But just because an agent is licensed doesn’t mean they are great. It takes more than just legally being allowed to do business, to make an agent successful for a girl. If you want to know the truth about an agent, go through their posted roster and call the girls listed.

Ask 20 of them (not just one or two). Find out how many jobs they are booked. Find out if they’ve ever had any jobs go wrong. Long story short, DO YOUR RESEARCH and never ever sign with any agent for more than 1 year. A lot can go down in a year. You’d be surprised.

Although it should be obvious, apparently I need to clarify. Just because an agency is listed here does not mean I personally endorse them nor have I ever used their services. This list is for reference purposes only. Always do your own research before deciding on which agency is best for you.