What is a talent agent?

Although I’ve talked about this before, I think it’s time to talk about it again. What is a porn agent?

A porn agent or talent agent who works in the adult industry must first be legally licensed to do business in the state of California and the state of Florida. Without this license, he (or she) can’t legally collect fees for services rendered in their respective state.

But that issue aside, what is their job?

A talent agent’s job is to find and book you work. That’s an AND in there, not an either-or. I mean, a real talent agent doesn’t just put your picture up on their website and hope for the best.

So when I hear girls saying, my dream is to one day work for Brazzers or BangBros, and then I click on their Twitter profile to see they have an agent, it annoys me to no end.

A talent agent should be picking up the phone and calling the directors and saying hey, I have a girl who wants to work for you, what do we have to do to make that happen?

If they aren’t actively trying to get you work, then are they really doing their job?

You pay them a percentage of every scene you do, so if all they are doing is listing you on their website, exactly what are they doing to earn their money?

  • If a talent agent isn’t licensed by the state of California – Red flag
  • If a talent agent makes all of his money on model house fees – Red flag
  • If a talent agent attempts to make you sign a secondary management contract for things like your OnlyFans – Red flag — actually make that super duper red flag. OnlyFans has nothing to do with traditional porn production, and no agent should ever have their hands in YOUR OnlyFans business. If they are making money from your OnlyFans, what motivation do they have to book you scenes with porn studios?

A talent agent’s job sole focus should be on getting you work in traditional porn scenes for studios like Vixen, Tushy, Brazzers, Reality Kings, Cherry Pimps, Adult Time, Digital Playground, etc.

If you aren’t sure who the big boys are, go to AdultDVDEmpire.com and look at the recent DVD releases, then select Best Selling DVDs. Write those companies down. Those are the companies you want to work with. Ask your agent to get you scenes for those companies. If he (or she) can’t, maybe it’s time to find new representation.

You don’t have to agree to whatever offer your agent has given you. You can negotiate. Then again, so can they. You can say I appreciate the 7-year contract, but I only want to sign for one year. In fact, never agree to more than one year.  One year in porn is a long ass time, and you never know where your head will be in that time. Don’t lock yourself into a multi-year contract, girl. One year or no deal.

You don’t have to be exclusive with an agent. I know girls who have a California agent and a Florida agent. When they work in California or Las Vegas, their LA Agent books their scenes. When they are in Florida, their Florida agent books them.

Why? Well, because each market is very unique, and you want to go with an agent that has strong ties with the producers in that area.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is, ask yourself if your agent is really doing their job. Are they getting off their lazy asses and calling producers to try and book you, or did you just get placed on their website, and they hope some producer calls to book you?

Because, let’s be honest, that’s what most do. They are lazy.

Don’t let them be lazy. They work for you. You pay them a commission as well as the production company paying them a booking fee. They make good money off of you if they are doing their job so make them earn the right to do business with you.

Representing you is an honor and a privilege.

Don’t let your agent be a lazy fuck.

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