Let’s talk about Mike Quasar’s attack on Leigh Raven

Let’s have a little talk about our good buddy Mike Quasar. He loves to talk all kinds of mad shit on Twitter about people in the industry. I admit even I sometimes get a laugh out of some of his tweets. But what went down last night wasn’t remotely funny.

He started off by making a passive-aggressive tweet about Leigh Raven for lying on her exit interview just to get the fuck out of there.

He apparently thought he was being funny going when he said — if you don’t tell a director when you aren’t comfortable, how are they supposed to know. Asking for several friends.

Okay fair enough, good point.



But then Alexa Grace, bless her heart, spoke up and said — hey I spoke up in my interview and said I was uncomfortable and they cut the camera and made me re-do the interview.

She went on to say “it’s extremely unsettling and nerve-racking to be the only girl sitting In a room full of men&have to say the shoot didn’t go well“. But you know what? She did it and I’m so proud of her for that. But it didn’t matter anyway. They cut and made her re-do the video. Because I mean, why bother with the truth when you can just make her lie because if she doesn’t do what you say, you’ll not pay her.

I don’t know if Mike Quasar is an insensitive, tone-deaf bastard or truly doesn’t get how it is for women in this industry.


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