Kitty Rains speaks out AGAINST The Erotic Review (TER)

I found a very interesting tweet by an Australian porn star named Kitty Rains. She makes a very interesting argument against sites like The Erotic Review who have recently been closed in the US due to the new SESTA law.

She calls out TER for exploiting sex workers, not helping them, saying their review system pressured sex workers into doing things they might not have normally felt comfortable doing in the first place.

She gets a response calling out “coercive review board culture” flat out saying that “review boards have bullied and intimidated sex workers is one of the least discussed issues in the sex industry”. I honestly never thought of it that way until she made this tweet. It’s kind of a good point and at the very least something worth discussing.

I can’t believe how many people (knowing my background as an adult industry web developer) have contacted me this week saying: I heard BP went down & SW have no websites now how can I profit from this? How about you FUCK OFF and leave SW to figure out how THEY can profit off this.

Let’s not all forget it was a punter not a SW who started TER the largest review site in the US in order to EXPLOIT SWs by only giving 10/10 ratings to girls who performed acts HE wanted. 15+ years of SWs pressured into unsafe acts & services they wouldn’t normally offer.

I hate saying it because I know so many depended on it but losing TER was probably the best thing that happened out of this fiasco. Sure it’s a #sexpocalypse right now but at least we as providers get choice over which site WE choose to make the next big thing Clients will follow


I really never thought about sites like the Erotic Review being hurtful to sex workers. If nothing it’s an interesting subject worth further discussion, don’t you think?

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