Forcing women to lie on an exit interview so she can get paid is not okay!

I knew there would be backlash to my post yesterday. Anytime a woman comes out about ANY subject of violence there are issues and inevitably some dumb ass will tell me how I’m wrong or how all women lie. Someone told me yesterday to “get over it already” (about Leigh Raven) that “all whore’s lie”. “It’s just what they do, they can’t help themselves”. Sadly this is just how the world is today but I think it’s also what makes it more important than ever to speak out.

Today we are going to talk more about these on-camera interviews porn stars are forced into doing.

I’m not a fan of the exit interview and one of the reasons is because they are manipulative and forces women to say whatever the man wants so she can get paid.

Even if she wasn’t okay, she has to agree or she doesn’t get paid. That really defeats the entire purpose of an exit interview and only serves to retraumatizes the victim if she was in fact victimized on set – which the exit interview was meant to clarify.

Today performers have started to speak out, although carefully out of fear of being attacked like Leigh Raven and Nikki Benz have been for daring to speak out.

Lilly Ford said that she once did an interview before the scene where they asked her about what her boundaries were. She was honest about what she was and wasn’t comfortable with, so the director cut and asked her to redo the video, and specifically told her what to say, saying she was okay with anything.

What the heck is the point of a boundary interview when they are just going to tell you to lie and say what they want you to?

Performers have limits. It’s not okay to force them to lie about it!

Sometimes, like in the case of Leigh Raven, a girl will tell you her limits and then someone will just flat out ignore them.

That obviously is also not okay and constitutes assault.

Alexa Grace told a director that she doesn’t do deep threating during an interview. He then turned around and asked her to shoot for a “deep throat movie title” and she again clarified she doesn’t do deep throating.

The director reassured her it wasn’t deep throating. Guess what it was? 25 minutes of a rough BJ as he forcefully pushed his cock down her throat in the most impossible and uncomfortable and unrealistic conditions.

The lesson of the day: When you shove your cock down a woman’s throat and try and force it as far as you can go, THAT IS DEEP THROATING DICK!

Finally, after 25 minutes, she told him to cut she just couldn’t do it anymore and left.

Despite the fact that she made it clear in advance she couldn’t and wouldn’t deep throat, he lied to her about what the scene was and did it anyway and then had the balls to say he was going to charge her a kill fee because she ended the scene early.

This my friends is what we call abuse. She told you what her boundaries were and they ignored them. I only wished she would have outed the guy by name so we could start putting these assholes on a FUCK YOU list.

So far my list includes Tony  T, Rico Strong, and Mr. Marcus.

I’m sure there are many more names I need to add to it, but just off the top of my head, these three names come to mind.









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