Alex Ladd Shoots During The Mandatory Moratorium While Trashing the FSC @fscarmy

I was on Twitter the other day and I heard a rumor that a director was still shooting, during a mandatory industry moratorium.

I thought, no way was this true.

No way would a legit director in LA do something so reckless, not only with the issues with the coronavirus but also potential HIV and syphilis. Although we got lucky and everyone was re-tested and cleared, we didn’t know that at the time. That’s why it was called a mandatory production hold. At the time we didn’t know. One or possibly two people could have had HIV and/or syphilis.

I was wrong.

Meet Alex Ladd.

Alex Ladd

Alex Ladd is a director who is married to Katy Jayne, the secretary of the APAC – the performer branch of the Free Speech Coalition. (At least that is the way the former head of the FSC Eric described them to me.)

Alex Ladd and his wife often attend APAC events. So imagine my surprise when I read a tweet by Alex Ladd that says …

Alex Ladd

If I manipulated your right to work away and drove you into financial despair, would you really think I’m your saviour for dropping you a couple hundred bucks and saying how much I care? Or would you think I’m a trying to lead a cult by using blatantly abusive control tactics?


This tweet is in regard to the mandatory production hold and then the subsequent announcement that the Free Speech Coalition introduced an emergency performer subsidy fund.

Again what sticks out to me is that Alex Ladd is married to Katy Jayne who sits on the board of the APAC – the performer branch of the FSC. Alex Ladd and Katy Jayne are at all those APAC events.

Now he’s trashing the Free Speech Coalition, talking mad shit about them?

The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) was formed and uses FSC attorneys. They say that the mission of APAC is to provide representation for performers in the adult film industry and to protect performers’ rights to a safer and more professional work environment.

But here is a board member’s husband refusing to cease shooting during a mandatory industry moratorium and even worse, during all of this coronavirus stuff.

Look at this screenshot

This was taken on March 24, 2020.  On that day, there were 11,075 new coronavirus cases and 225 new deaths in the United States alone. The very next day the United States had another 13,355 new cases of coronavirus along with an additional 247 new deaths.

This wasn’t two months ago or even two weeks ago. This was on March 24th he said he was still shooting, defying the FSC’s mandatory production hold.

Beyond that, we also had an issue — one or possibly two potential cases of STDs, one HIV, and one syphilis. I don’t know if it was one person with an issue with HIV and syphilis or one person with a potential HIV issue and another with a potential syphilis issue, but what I do know is that the entire industry was on a mandatory production hold.

And Alex Ladd says he is still shooting.

The industry doesn’t issue a mandatory production hold for no reason. The FSC doesn’t take these decisions lightly. They however clearly felt concerned enough to issue the hold for whatever reason. We got lucky and it turned out the person (or persons) who had the test issues cleared when they were re-tested. THANK GOODNESS!

But at the time we didn’t know that. Which is why they issued the MANDATORY production hold.  It’s a matter of the safety and well being of the performers in our industry.

If the FSC didn’t have a concern they wouldn’t have shut the entire industry down.

The FSC isn’t in the business of just randomly trying to screw us over. Their job is to oversee our welfare. If they thought there was enough of a concern to issue a mandatory shut down then why are we allowing people to defy it?

I think people like Alex Ladd and others like him who didn’t obey the MANDATORY production hold, should have their PASS privileges suspended for up to 6 months.

There has to be some sort of punishment for people like this who knowingly and willingly go out of their way to put performers’ safety and well being at risk.

This isn’t okay.

Beyond that, I have to wonder about the APAC at this point. What are they even for other than bowling parties and drunken rooftop bashes?

Now that Eric is no longer with the FSC what is even the point of keeping the organization around. Do they actually do anything of importance for the betterment of our industry?

I mean if their own board members are part of defying a MANDATORY production hold, if kind of makes you think, huh?