Heather Vahn @HeatherVahn Featured in The Daily Beast on Domestic Violence

Porn Star Heather Vahn opens up about the emotional and physical abuse she suffered at the hands of fellow porn actor Tommy Wood.

Marlow Stern, a Senior Entertainment Editor at The Daily Beast, published a story featuring adult performer Heather Vahn on her experience with male performer Tommy Wood.

The article recounts a horrifying relationship with Tommy Wood, that had gone wrong. Heather Vahn goes into detail on how they first met and how it turned violent.


According to Heather Vahn, Tommy Wood pressured her into signing a document stating that he never hit or harmed her—and then took her to his bank and had them notarize it.

“This was an attempt by him to silence me after beating my ass,” she says. (The Daily Beast reviewed audio of Wood admitting to hitting Vahn while pressuring her to sign the document; Wood denies that he pressured her to sign it, calling it a typical “domestic relationship agreement.”)  

I also listened to the audio clip which was just over 4 minutes long. Just as the Daily Beast concluded it was audio proof of Tommy Wood admitting to hitting Heather Vahn.

In the age of #MeToo allegations, many that have gone wrong, Vahn confessed that she feared coming forward with her story. Now, however, she admits she’s in a much better place. Happy that she finally got to tell her truth, which included releasing a series of photos of her bruised and battered body on twitter.

Tommy Wood was previously with OC Modeling, but they let him go. He then signed with 101 Modeling and they have since dropped him as well.

Mulitple other female performers have now come forward with their own Tommy Wood is creepy stories, especially after Tommy Wood released Heather Vahn’s real name online, exposing her to potential further harm.

I spoke to one who wishes to remain anonymous who told me, “He’s really aggressive online when you turn him down for a content trade it just gets worse. Like what part of no is confusing?”

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You can read the article featuring Heather Vahn at https://www.thedailybeast.com/rising-porn-star-tommy-wood-accused-of-abuse-by-adult-actress-heather-vahn-who-says-he-put-me-in-a-suitcase?ref=scroll