PASS Starts New Self Testing System Wants Us To Just Trust People Won’t Lie

Have you ever been to the doctor and had someone draw blood for lab tests? That person is a phlebotomist. This position requires extensive training and certification.

You can’t just hire some random person off the street. They have to learn about patient safety, physiology, anatomy, and infection control, as well as how to draw blood, how to clean and sterilize the equipment, and more.

When you go to test through places like TTS you don’t just have some random dude off the street swabbing you and drawing your blood. It’s a real trained medical professional.

But PASS has another idea. They want to send you tests in the mail and let you test yourself and mail it back to some facility and hope for the best.

When someone first told me this, I thought they were joking. I mean, the obvious possibility of mistakes aside, what is to stop some other person from getting someone else to do the test for them and mailing it in, saying it’s theirs?


Because if you are mailing it in yourself based on the honor system, people will obviously lie.

People already submit fake tests, and now you want people to use the honor system. Seriously?

No. Just No.

What is wrong with you PASS?

Does anyone even take PASS seriously anymore?

Why is the Free Speech Coalition allowing this shit to continue? It’s actually doing our industry more harm than good.

When the ruling body of the industry is funded by companies … whose interests don’t always align with the safety and well-being of the performer, you have to ask when that became a good idea? Like who is really looking out for the safety and well-being of the performer?

I mean, that’s like mainstream unions being funded by the very companies they claim to be protecting the union members from.

Why is nobody talking about this?

You can’t have a studio-funded organization to protect performers. Because when shit hits the fan, what will the organization do? Side with the interest that funds them – not call a production hold because that will cost the production companies money.

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