We seriously need to talk about the AVN Awards


There are many awards shows in the adult industry, just as in Hollywood.

But let’s talk about Hollywood first. There are the two big ones — the Oscars and The Golden Globes, but there are also the Danish Film Awards, the Saturn Awards, and the DGA Awards. I could go on for a while, but let’s just say in Hollywood, there are a ton of awards shows.

We seriously need to talk about the AVN Awards

The same thing for porn — we have our two biggest ones like they do (Oscars and Golden Globes). Only ours is called the AVN Awards and the XBIZ Awards.

Then there are the awards such as Fleshbot, Nightmoves, XRCO Awards, Pornhub, the UK Adult Film and Television Awards, The SHAFTA Awards (Soft and Hard Adult Film and Television Awards) and so on and so on. Like you think there are a lot of award shows in the mainstream, they’ve got nothing on Porn!

But did you know there are also awards shows specifically for BBWs, people of color, and trans?

  • The Urban X Awards prides itself on recognizing the achievements of people of color.
  • Transgender Erotica Awards highlights the achievements in the transgender adult industry.
  • The BBW Awards seeks to honor women with curves.
  • The Live Cam Awards is The First Award Show dedicated exclusively to the Live Cam Industry, covering all cam model categories.

There are also awards shows dedicated to exotic dancers, content creators, and performers with tattoos.

These are all real awards shows that take the time to honor people in their specific niche.

Porn isn’t one size fits all. There is no such thing as one single porn industry. We are a collection of smaller niches. It’s always been that way and will always be that way.

That’s not to say that a porn star can’t be a content creator, or a content creator can’t also be a webcam model. But for the most part, you belong to your niche.

And not every niche crosses over.

Each niche has its own market.

I’m a straight female, so therefore, I would never qualify for an award from a show dedicated to gay men. Is it fair that they wouldn’t honor me and my contributions to the “adult industry?”

No. Don’t be ridiculous. I have nothing to do with gay porn, so why the fuck would they honor me? A white, straight female.

The same goes for the Tea Show. What reason would the Transgender Erotica Awards have to honor me, a white straight female? They wouldn’t. It’s not my niche.

But would it be great to be represented? No. That’s not my niche.

Why the fuck should they be talking about me when their show is dedicated to highlighting the achievements in the transgender adult industry.

There is a thing called the Feminist Porn Awards. It was founded to celebrate work that complicates dominant representations of desire, desirability, sexuality, and gender.

It’s a very specific niche, but an adult industry awards show is still the same. Just because I want them to honor me doesn’t mean it makes sense for them to do so.

Should The Urban X Awards be forced to add random categories for white people? Of course not. They recognize the achievements of people of color. That’s their focus. That’s their niche.

Why the fuck would I think they are silencing me because they wouldn’t give me an award nomination or let me walk their red carpet?

I wouldn’t because I recognize that not everything is about me. There are lots of wonderful awards shows within the adult industry as a whole, and not all of them will be suited to me or my specific niche within the industry.

Is AVN or XBIZ perfect? Of course not. I could go off on that subject for the next 200 years, but they also don’t owe you an award nomination just because you show up for work, even if you’ve been trying to get nominated for seven years and some other girl already won the same award you want three times in a row.

They don’t owe you a nomination if you aren’t within their target audience.

But getting mad at AVN (and/or XBIZ) because they wouldn’t nominate you for an award just makes you look like an entitled ass.

Nobody owes you an award nomination.

And there are tons of other award shows that might just be far more suitable for your niche.

Why does AVN have to cover an award for every freaking category in the entire world?

AVN’s niche is mainstream porn. That may or may not include you. But do not worry if it doesn’t include you because, I promise you, your niche has its own award show.

I think this tweet speaks volumes about how some performers feel regarding the awards process. They did their first and only blowbang and were upset that AVN gave the award to someone who had already won an award in this category.

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