An Emily Willis Update — Her Health and Her Lawsuit

Since her hospitalization, there have been some crazy stories about Emily Willis, so I thought I would clarify a few things.

What happened to Emily Willis?

Emily Willis has been struggling with many issues for a while now. Many assumed, because they heard that she went to “rehab,” that it was for drugs. While, I won’t deny she has had that problem in the past, we don’t know if that is the case at this time. What I can say is that she has an eating disorder.

About 8 days after entering rehab, they called 911. She had suffered a cardiac arrest while in treatment. She was unresponsive at a hospital (in a coma). This is when we all found out about her condition and it was imediately assumed because of her past, she overdosed.

She has never come out of her coma since that day. Although her family remains hopeful I’m hearing they told her family to prepare for the worst.

Did she OD?

Although originally thought to be the case, sources are now saying that isn’t true. In fact, her early toxicology report came back negative, meaning nothing was in her system.

Then why is she in a coma?

Emily Willis was said to have weighed only 80 pounds when she entered rehab in February. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall that means she is seriously underweight and presoummatly malnourished. Elecrtolyte imalnces are known to cause heart attacks.

According to the DMI chart, Emily Willis should weght anywhere from 114 to 149 pounds. At 80 pounds her BMI is 13.31 which is considered underweight. A BMI of below 13.5 can lead to organ failure. There are different tiers of anorexia based on BMI ranges. Mild is <17.5, moderate is 16-16.99, several is 15-15.99 and extreme anorexia is <15. Based on this chart it meant that Emily Willis was suffering from extreme anorexia.

Who is this Michael Willis who started a GoFundMe?

Michael Willis, who is speaking to TMZ and other news sources, is her step-father. But according to him, he raised her as his own daughter. His son (Emily’s step-brother) is also named Michael Willis, and that is the man who started to GoFundMe.

How did she have a cardiac arrest? She’s so young.

According to an emergency RN I spoke with, it appears that during the cardiac arrest, her brain suffered from a lack of oxygen, leading to significant damage, which is why she is not responding. Her current state, characterized by a lack of response and an inability to wake up, suggests she has sustained an anoxic brain injury.

Complicating her condition, severe withdrawal symptoms combined with ketosis due to her low body weight and state of starvation have created a particularly dangerous situation. Regrettably, the prognosis seems grim, with recovery unlikely. At this point, the focus may need to shift to providing comfort in her remaining time. The human body has a finite capacity to withstand such levels of stress.

What about Emily Willi’s case against Gianna Dior?

Her lawsuit against Gianna Dior is still ongoing. A trial date was set for November 18, 2024 (Jury trial); however, that status may now change due to her current medical condition. It’s unknown at this time if the trial can continue without her. She seeks damages in excess of $5 million dollars.  These recent issues with Emily Willis however might nto likely play with to a jury in her case against Gianna Dior, serving to prove the point that what Gianna Dior and Adria Rae did to her caused her serious and severe emotional trauma. I’m not sure if it can continue with her but I do hope it can move forward in her honor. She deservers her justice against what they did to her. Sadly Emily Willis made a deal with Adria Rae so she is no longer in the lawsuit it’s just Emily Willis vs Gianna Dior now.

The deal was Adria Rae would tweet a pre-drafted apology. She did and that technically satisfed the requirements of the settlement then Adria Rae quickly deleted said tweet, never really having to own up to what she did to Emily Willis. The tweet basically said she made a mistake by not checking the validity of her statement before tweeting about something someone else had told her. That would have been fine had she kept hte tweet up. She did not.

I hope this answers all of your questions about the current situation with Emily Willis. I will try and keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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