Lena The Plug’s Husband Adam22 Caught up in Underage Sex Scandal

When I was a little girl, my grandma used to tell me, “birds of a feather flock together.” Who knew that all these years later, how right she’d still be.

So what hot mess in porn are we talking about today? Well, you might recall the story I posted years ago where Riley Reid bragged about sexually assaulting someone. I mean, you would think a porn star would understand that “no means no,” but hey, apparently not. No, no, this is not the story about her using the N-word. This one is different.

Recently Riley Reid released a new AI website, much like Dream Girlfriend, where you can talk to a girl, but it’s all AI – but hers is different because the AI girls are clones of porn stars.

But that’s not the interesting part of the story. If you visit the website, you see only two creators listed, Riley Reid and Lena The Plug.

For those that don’t know, Lena the Plug is married to Adam22, who himself seems to be caught up in quite the naughty scandal.

But do let me explain.

It all started when Lydia Black said he was on an episode of Perv Busters where he admitted to fucking a 16-year-old.

You’ll see from the screenshot right after someone else chimed in, stating that Adam22 used to doxxx girls and post revenge porn on a forum known as b9board.

Doxxxing, for those who don’t know, is when you give out girls’ real names and other personal information, often including their home address and/or phone number, putting the person’s real-life safety at risk. Like if someone was to say Lena The Plug’s legal name is X and she lives at XX address and her parents names are X and they live at XX address.

This led us to a retweeted post from @helen on X, where she shares the worst part of the story at all.

A statement from Adam22’s victim, who tried to physically block her vagina with her hands before he pinned her arms down. At 5’3” she gave in & was later terrified her mom, who she shared a wall with, would hear her crying. He doxed & posted nudes of her online—it’s all archived.

She was a minor in several photos. Adam posted a link to his blog on the B9board w/ clear intent to slander. The rape cultivated what his victim describes as a relationship based on fear & control. I BELIEVE WOMEN. Women gain nothing & sacrifice everything to share their stories.

She doesn’t want clout or money, she’s had to sic lawyers on him once already to force him to remove her nudes & name. I have read the emails. You’ve all seen @ConorTripler thread. What more do u need? Don’t accept this treatment for women. Don’t accept this as “all in the past”

It’s also come to light someone I personally know & won’t name was harmed by Adam22 & has suffered greatly. Think hard about the women u know, respect, & love before u decide victims are “chasing clout.” Women risk their mental health, friendships, & relationships to come forward.


Helen's statement about Adam 22


Next, Summer Vixen makes a tweet. This is actually where the whole story first caught my attention. In this, she posts some of the disturbing things he’s tweeted, including disgusting tweets about children. But also shows evidence of a 30-year-old Adam22 recording a 16-year-old having sex.

Yes, normally, I would share the tweets with you, but they are so bad I can’t even do that. In one tweet, he posted a photo of a sleeping toddler in her panties and said, “When you partying with Bill Cosby.”

This tweet, however, I will share with you because it really is a good point. What does his wife have to say about all of this?


I think it’s time we stop working with people who are known abusers. And yes, that includes his wife because she clearly is aware of his YEAR’s worth of predatory behavior and did nothing about it. In fact, she just married the guy.  She could have broken up with him if she didn’t know what he was like when they got together. But no, they’ve dated for a while now and are now married. They’ve been together since at least 2017. That means she was with him during the time sexual assault allegations came out (which came out in 2018), and that means she was also dating him at the time he was posting revenge porn.

So you can’t say Lena The Plug didn’t know about any of this. She may not be just as guilty as he is, but she is enabling his abuse.

This kind of predatory behavior is not okay.

Rape is not okay.

Doxing women is not okay.

Revenge porn is not okay.

If someone doesn’t consent, No means no.

Why is this so complicated to understand?

And this brings me back to my original words of advice: birds of a feather flock together. Look at the people that couple hands out with. The people they do business deals with. The people they work with and book all the time. His friends. His regulars.

These are the people you also need to be wary of, as birds of a feather flock together.

In closing, let me just say thank you, Summer Vixen (@summervixxxen) for bringing all of this to light. It was brave of you to stand up against someone with so much power in this industry. I, for one, wanted to take a moment to say thank you. It’s people like you who make the industry a better place.

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