Is Fuck a Fan Legal?


Today we are going to talk about “fuck a fan” since a lot of us who make content for OnlyFans like to do this.

In reality, you (the content creator) know the guy you are doing a video with is tested, is over 18 (because you have his ID), and signed a model release, but you still promote it as “fuck a fan” because it’s a popular trope in porn.

But the question is …Β Is this illegal?

I truly can’t count how many times I’ve been asked that very question. The answer is a little complicated, but the short answer is, no, not really.

The problem is, fuck a fan is not as much a legal issue as it is a perception issue.

It’s the implication that you just fucked a fan that is the problem. It sounds like prostitution, even if it’s not.

That’s why platforms like OnlyFans have begun to warn girls that if they keep promoting this type of content, their accounts will be banned.

Mostly, this falls under Visa and Mastercard regulations more than the actual law itself.

Because if you can’t process payments for the video, then what’s the point?

That’s really what you have to worry about – if Visa and Mastercard won’t approve, then you can’t do it, even if it is legal.

Times have changed, and now you have to worry about not as much what the actual law is, but what Visa and Mastercard will approve for payment processing.

This means you need to be VERY careful how you promote the content. You can’t say, I just fucked a fan, but typically you can say things like I fucked my hot neighbor or fucked this guy I met at the bar one night.

Stupid, I know, but that’s how things work in our world.

This also touches on the SESTA/FOSTA laws. You and I both know that a lot of things about porn production is fake or staged, but that doesn’t always matter when it comes to the law.

Rob Black and his wife at the time (Lizzy Borden) learned this lesson the hard way when they ended up being arrested for obscenity and actually spent real time in prison as a result. Everything they did was staged and faked. But it didn’t end up making a difference. They were still arrested. They still went to jail -actually prison for more than a year.

Filming pornography may be legal, but obscenity is not, and that’s the fine line we all have to walk. What is obscenity?

Well, pretending to fuck a fan is apparently that line that you can’t cross.

Next time you make an adult video or promote that to your subscribers, remember to be careful in what you say about it.

Can you go to jail for a video you made for your OnlyFans? Yes, you absolutely can. There are very real and serious laws around filming adult content, so keep that in mind when making your next adult video.

All of that being said, please never forget I am not a lawyer. I can only share my personal experiences with you in my more than 25 years in the adult industry. If you have a real legal question, please, for the love of God, consult an actual attorney.

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