Crazy Fan Alert at the #AVNSHOW in Las Vegas – watch out for this guy!

I wanted to take a moment to warn the girls in Las Vegas right now to be very careful. You need to pay attention to your surroundings. Even if you are just going to the bathroom, don’t ever let yourself be alone – you can be cornered by a “fan” and the outcome may not always be so pleasant.

Yesterday while at her booth, a “fan” came up and started a conversation with a performer. The girl really thought he was just a regular guy. It was sort of slow so she didn’t mind spending extra time talking to the guys that were there to get her autograph and take pictures.

What she didn’t expect is the “fan” to flip on her and start insulting her and going all kinds of crazy. She was obviously upset and disturbed by her encounter with this man.

WATCH OUT FOR THIS GUY. He may be unhinged. Security has been made aware of the situation and is on the lookout for him.

His name is Ricky Martinez. He’s on twitter as @rickyy_xxx. He appears to be some sort of porn super fan. In just a few short months, he’a most nearly 5,000 tweets – all of which are porn related.

He appears to have an unhealthy obsession with porn stars and the industry as a whole.

Do not allow yourself to ever be alone where this person or someone like him can corner you – not just at the convention itself but at the hotel, at industry parties or even when out getting something to eat.


I don’t know if this guy is really a crazy ass stalker but he did confront and harass at least one performer at the show and she felt really scared for her safety and well being as a result of her encounter with him.




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