Why new talent needs a legit agent! Don’t get pushed around by shady ass producers!

Best New Starlet nominee Lyra Law posted a message on twitter that perfectly explains what can happen to young girls in our industry that doesn’t have someone to stick up for them. It’s so easy for an experience producer to try and strong arm a young girl who more often than not, doesn’t know better or is to scared to stand up for herself.

Lyra Law

[Lyra Law photo courtesy of Tushy]

This is not to say all producers will try and take advantage of a girl but as you see my her message below, some do. This is sad what Nubiles did to her and I only hope that a lawyer helps her stop it from ever happening again.

Lyra Law - Nubiles

LADIES OF PORN!!! NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, DO NOT WORK Nubiles ! They brought me out to Arizona to work with a girl who is sick and vomiting and had a yeast infection. She did the responsible thing and tried to cancel within 24 hours but the company told her they still want her to shoot her and threatening a high kill fee almost the rate of the scene.

They never told me this until I got to location from a 4 am flight. I can not risk my health and get a yeast infection or stomach bug or loose money from other shoots that they will not pay for. They suggested she just “douch” and then I go down on her. Risking a yeast infection in my throat and getting a stomach flu . So as if that wasn’t enough, they offered for ME to pay for a last minute ticket for talent to replace her.

Not for her to pay to replace herself .but me to pay. HAHA they won’t pay for me to go home earlier so I have to come out of pocket almost 200 dollars to go home. This type of behavior makes me sick to stomach. JUST to clarify. The crew of Nubiles is amazingly kind. The person I’m speaking about is the owner “Bill”. The most horribly disrespectful person I’v ever had to deal with.

Because Lyra Law refused to but her health and safety at risk she was punished. She not only lost the shoot (and the money they promised to pay her for it), she lost her time flying out there and had to spend $200 of her own money to get home. They were seriously going to strand her ass in Arizona? Wow that’s just fucked up!!

This is why I encourage all new girls to seek representation from a legit (licensed and bonded) talent agent.

No performer deserves to be treated how Lyra Law was treated. I only hope that others did what she did and stood up for herself. You go girl!





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