There is a stalker among us – Be Afraid of the DreamWalker

Yesterday Mike South wrote an article warning people against someone claiming to be a talent scout.

He contacted me wanting me to do a hit piece on them but as soon as I started talking to Michael it became obvious that he is really just another stalker.  As soon as I asked what he does in the biz his answer was “Talent Scout”,  When asked who he worked for he told  me DDF Network, when I contacted them their answer was no he doesn’t and that they do not now nor have they ever used “talent scouts”.  

Turns out the Mike South article is the exact same guy I had written and warned people about last month. Only now apparently his lies have changed. Only what he’s doing to porn stars hasn’t. Be careful if you are ever approached by a fan boy on twitter or Facebook trying to befriend you. Just because he says he works for someone doesn’t make it true.

I had originally written this article in April when I was still running the LIB site. Someone however notified me that for some reason the new owners took it down. Not sure why they would do that, but that’s okay. I saved a copy. 🙂

For now I just want to make sure and get the news out there that this guy is out there and this guy is really mentally off. He loves to even brag about how you can’t get him in legal trouble because he’s mentally ill and on the medication to prove it.

I wished I could tell you that a story like this was unique or unheard of but sadly any porn star who has been in the business more than 5 minutes knows that it is not. So today I want to share a story with you about a crazy guy by the name of Michael Snoreen of Las Vegas. And by crazy I mean actually medically “crazy” as he says himself he suffers from multiple mental health issues and is currently seeking treatment.

He claims to have all of these friends and each and every time I contact someone he claims to be friends with they are like LOL Kelli no. This guy is crazy or I’ve never heard of him, what are you talking about? Here is what one of his good buddies had to say about his just tonight. Mind you hours before that he claimed the person who said this was his friend, helping him “protect girls”.

I know who that is.. He is a serial stalker and troll of people and most of the girls in the industry.. He has many many accounts and have blocked them all until a new one he makes pops up and then I block it also.. 

He told a few different performers that he recruits for Foxxx Modeling. Foxxx Modeling however claims they’ve never heard of the guy and have no idea who the fuck this DreamWalker guy is. DreamWalker is one of the aliases this guy uses. He also goes by Mikael and Michael Snoreen.


All I can say for sure is that if you are contacted by this person, RUN THE OTHER WAY. We know that to date he has contacted at least 7 performers and with 5 of them have attempted to befriend them and when they share any sort of personal information with him, he them exposes it including their real names, addresses, the family’s information and copies of medical tests. With two different performers who contacted their family and attempted to send copies of their porn to them.


If you are remotely nice to him in any way, even by just befriending him on twitter or Facebook he becomes very aggressive, contacting one performer 23 times in a three hour period. When she didn’t respond, he began to message every friend on her Facebook page and harassing them.

I attempted to speak to this Michael Snoreen today on the phone to ask him why it was he was doing what he did to the performers he claimed he cared about. He began mumbling strange things, none of which really made much sense. Every once in awhile he would say they deserved it.  They have issues and they are cunts or bitches. I was never really clear who “they” was that he spoke of but from time to time he made reference to one porn star Farrah Valentine who now goes by the name of Serenity something or other. He kept saying how she called him so it was her own fault.

I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about. Apparently another performer he had a run in with but I had no idea why he brought it up now as she was not the person I was calling him about. It wouldn’t be until much later that I would find out this was in fact a performer he attempted to befriend but when she felt creeped out by him and tried to block him he began tweeting out her real name, a copy of her ID and last test result from PASS. How it was he got a hold of such information is unclear.

I know he has also contacted at least three agents in the past 30 to 45 days saying he represents the International Adult Entertainment Union and as such needed to get a copy of their license for the unions records. I made several attempts to contact Melissa Hill, of whom he said was his friend and could vouch for him, who is also apart of the International Adult Entertainment Union, however she did not choose to respond. So I don’t really know if it is true or not if they have a mentally unstable stalker working for them or not, but I seriously doubt it.

Long story short, avoid this crazy ass guy at all cost. Here is a story I was sent about him today. It was written by someone named Derek Forreal.

Safety First! – A Cautionary Tale For All Performers In The Industry

It’s no secret that performers working in the adult entertainment industry face a unique set of hazards. Working in the industry can be fun and there is plenty of opportunity to travel and make money. It feels great to connect with new people and fans that have been moved by your work. However, there is a dark side of the industry that many people fail to see.

The purpose of this article is to stress the importance of keeping your work life separate from your personal life. Why is it so important to keep your personal information private? How might one spot the difference between a legitimate business opportunity and a fraud?

Have a look at this series of events that my personal friends at PLUSH MODELS have witnessed lately.

A Twitter user going by the handle DreamWalker24 has recently approached a number of models online. After a number of reasonably friendly interactions it seems that this user begins to throw out big names and claims to be well connected in the industry. It seems to be that for the sake of business this individual has solicited the real name and private information of one particular performer. This is where the story gets scary.

After acquiring the real name and private details of this particular model it was then rather easy to find her personal profile on Facebook. With no forewarning or prior notice this model was exposed and explicit photographs and other media were sent to her closest friends and family.

Breaking the news to your friends and family is an important step in the career of every model and performer. However, this particular step up the ladder is extremely private and every performer male or female alike should have the right choose when, where, and how to approach this very delicate subject.

What happened to this particular model was neither ethical, fair, nor professional. The nightmare doesn’t end here.

After some time a number of other models also began receiving alarming messages from the same Twitter handle DreamWalker24.

This individual has been pushing these girls to leave their agency PLUSH MODELS. It seems that this individual has gone so far as to physically threaten the girls if they do not abandon their agency.

Legitimate agencies and talent managers play an important role in the protection and safety of the performers they represent. These entities often act as a type of bodyguard and are responsible for verifying the identity and background of anyone wishing to do business with a particular performer.

In the world of adult entertainment the professional standard is to reach out to a performer’s agency or agent if one wishes to do business with said performer. A true industry professional will aim to establish a credible working relationship with a performer’s agency or agent before approaching said performer.

It can be viewed as a red flag anytime an attempt is made to circumvent this practice. A true industry professional would never ask a model or performer to abandon the safety of his or her agency or agent. Physical threats against a person’s body should never be tolerated inside or outside of the industry and everyone has the right to report these types of threats to an authority figure.

This particular situation is currently being addressed and will promptly be resolved. I sincerely wish the best to anyone who has had to endure this particular experience and hope that this story will serve as a cautionary tale.

In short, the adult entertainment industry is a great place to make money and live out your wildest fantasies. However, every model and performer should be aware of the type of risks and deceptive practices they might encounter.

Make sure that your agency or your agent properly investigates the background of those wishing to contract you as a performer. Never give out your personal information under any circumstances except at the time of the contract signing and only after the second party has provided their identification first. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and speak out about situations that make you feel uncomfortable.

Thank you again for your time and consideration.


Update: Apparently he now works for Hussie Models. LOL