Maestro Claudio of Perv City Goes To Far with Tasha Reign

I’ve long despised the man who goes by the name of Maestro Claudio from the PervCity and Bamvisions websites.

He’s a real creepo that many have complained about in the past and well apparently he’s still up to no good. Today Tasha Reign spoke out about her experience with the man saying ….

Speaking about predators… @MaestroClaudio  grabbed my boobs while I was at a performers home- then shamed me in front of my co workers for “not enjoying” the assault. They were all on his side.

He’s one of those weird creepy guys who always just seems to think way to highly of himself.

I don’t know what’s so hard to understand that you don’t touch a female without her consent, but for guys like Claudio Bergamin, it doesn’t surprise me that he doesn’t get it.

Well since clearly he doesn’t get the word I’ll take a moment to explain it to him and those like him …

Consent means permission for something to happen or agreement to do something or to give permission for something to happen.

It’s not a real complicated concept even for a jack ass like Claudio.