No Means No Maestro Claudio

Another performer comes forward, this one choosing to do so anonymously, about Maestro Claudio from the PervCity and Bamvisions websites.

Maestro Claudio hit on me onset and I tried to joke it off, he then continued to text me after insisting we shoot content together and kept sending sexual messages about what he wanted to do to me, I told him I was not shooting content because I was just in town for my shoots booked, but he continued to then ask if I would just come over and fuck him.

I kept making excuses because I was worried I would get a bad reputation if I just directly said “no please stop texting me” so I understand I should have been much more direct now, however I do not think it’s appropriate to try and fuck girls on your sets and harass them after the fact when they have told you several times they are not available to shoot content or fuck you.

I’ve heard stories from a few different women about this now as well. He also kept putting my feet in his mouth during the scene I shot for his company without asking and insisted I kiss him before I left.

This is not the first girl to complain about him. You can read Tasha Reign’s story here.


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