If you are making content you need to get your paperwork in order

If you are filming content the law requires you to get your paperwork in order for each and every scene you film. This is the law. If you don’t do this you are in violating the law.

If you film a scene, even if just for your OnlyFans. The law is clear.

Just being over 18 isn’t enough. You also have to be able to prove it. So if you are at home making content with your roommate, or a boyfriend, girlfriend, or whoever, that’s great as long as they are 18 but you both have to document your age and keep a copy of these documents on your computer.  This is the law and violating this law is serious business.

This paperwork which shows you are over 18 is commonly referred to as “2257 documentation”. You need to have it on every person you work with.

#1 Take a photo of your ID (or whoever you are filming with). Make sure you look at the picture and ensure the photo comes out clear and is fully readable. The only acceptable ID for the purposes of 2257 is a government-issued ID, which includes a photo, and that means the only thing that will work is driver’s license, a state identification card, or a United States passport.

#2 Next, take a picture of that person holding a copy of that ID. These two photos will need to be kept forever and ever. You can’t lose it, so be sure and keep these in a safe place on your computer. If you lose these images you can never use that content you created with that person ever again.

This is a federal law, and violation of the 2257 regulations can land you in jail. This is serious. In addition to needing a copy of their government-issued ID, you also need to have them sign a 2257 document. If you don’t already have a blank copy of this document, you can go to sxe.cc/2257 to get yours. This is provided free of charge courtesy of the APAG Union. You can follow them on twitter @APAGunion.

Keep a copy of the filled out 2257 form along with a copy of the IDs for every single person you film with (including yourself). Yes, as silly as it may sound, you need to have your own 2257 documentation on file for the scenes you film featuring yourself.

In addition to your 2257 documents, you also need a model release. This is something you need for every scene, including your own. If you film a video of yourself, you may be asked to provide one of the paid platforms you post it on for a copy of that model release, even though it’s a video of yourself.

You can get one by going to sxe.cc/modelrelease. Remember, you need to have one signed for every person who has ever appeared in any video you’ve made or photo you’ve taken.

If you don’t have proper documentation it can get pulled from platforms like OnlyFans, FanCentro, ManyVids, and PornHub. It can also get your account banned.

Do you really want to risk losing your OnlyFans account?



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