Unique Date Ideas in London

There are a few cities in the world that stand out as the most exciting places, especially for lovers or people looking for romance. London is one of them, and that could be the reason adult dancer jobs flourish there.

So, if you want to show your loved one that she’s special, take her for a one-of-a-kind date in London. If you don’t have any ideas in mind, here are a few suggestions to consider.

Go for a Bike Ride Around the City

While London isn’t one of the most cycle-friendly cities, there are a few awesome places to take your date for a ride.

Cycling from Victoria Park to Beckton via the Greenway route offers an exciting experience. Another great option is to go for leisure cycling in Richmond Park.

Take a Walk Around Kew Gardens

Regardless of the weather, Kew Gardens is a lovely place for an afternoon walk. One of the garden’s remarkable features is the world’s largest Victorian glasshouse, which is home to a range of rare plants.

Other features worth exploring are the Woodland Garden, the Arboretum, and the Treetop Walkway, which offers lush views.

You can crown your picturesque date with a relaxing cream tea at the Botanical, the Kew Garden’s on-site restaurant.

Try Zookeeping for a Day

If your sweetheart loves animals, spending a day as a zookeeper at London Zoo can be a perfect date. Interact with some of the zoo’s residents and get to learn what happens behind the scenes.

This unique experience costs about £240 per person. It’s worth it for that special person.

Explore the Barbican Conservatory

Launched in 1984, the Barbican Conservatory is another unique place to take a special person. If your loved one is a conservation enthusiast, you can be sure she’ll love the place.

With more than 2,000 plant and tree species, as well as exotic fish, there’s a lot to see at the conservatory.

Watch the Sunset Over London

Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill are two of London’s beautiful parks. They both offer a spectacular view of the city.

Pack your picnic and head up to any of these parks for a romantic sunset watch. If you prefer a classier dining experience, you can watch the sunset at Aqua Shard.

Visit a Food Theatre

Located at Center Point, Arcade is an expansive food court. It boasts seven independent kitchens, including three bars, a coffee and bakery counter, as well as an outdoor terrace. It’s an ideal place for a date when you are not sure what to eat.

Take a London Poetry Walk

If you normally find it difficult to express your feelings to your sweetheart, you can easily do so using the words of others.

Take your loved one on a London Poetry walk around the city to learn about various things, including architecture, history, and the language of love.

You’ll spend time listening to people reading out classic poems.  If you’re brave enough, you can also bring your own 10-second verse to participate in a grand finale.

Go Kayaking in the River Thames

If your date is a sporty person, this can be a great idea. London’s largest river is not just a place for walks and selfie backdrops. You can also go on an adventurous kayak tour that will take you past Westminster.

Final Thoughts

Dating shouldn’t be limited to coffee, dinner, and movie. Next time you want to take your sweetheart for a date in London, try these ideas and see how it goes. If you’re trying to build your career, you can even suggest these ideas to your clients.


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