Doing this one thing could almost double your @OnlyFans income!

How much money did you make on OnlyFans today? What if I could tell you a secret that could almost double it?


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I’ve been spending way too much time on the new social media app “Clubhouse” lately. What’s nice about it is that it gives you the ability to go into a room with others and share ideas and knowledge about a given subject.

Of course, being in the adult industry that means more often than not we are talking about OnlyFans.

I’ve met some amazing people over the last few months who have really opened my eyes.

Over the last 20+ years, I’ve really just worked with established adult performers and we have a sort of set way of doing things.

We built it and the fans come because those girls already have an established name.

But OnlyFans isn’t just for famous porn stars. This new breed of content creators are really making an insane amount of money. Girls most of you have never heard of and would probably never give a second glance to. Heck many of them don’t even have a Twitter account.

The hustle with these girls is next level. I have such mad respect for them. They’ve taken OnlyFans to a whole new level. They are making tens of thousands a month- in many cases far more than even famous porn stars are making.

One of the things these girls taught me and I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Macela Sobella (@marcela_luv) for this little tip is to take advantage of your expired subscribers.

Let me start by saying there are a ton of people on Clubhouse who claim to be experts and will tell you all sorts of crazy lies. I like to put their bullshit to the test. It’s sort of a hobby of mine. 🙂

So when Marcela is talking about this technique she uses I’m like double your income just from this? WHAT? NO WAY!

But YES WAY! In fact the bigger you are the more your income will go up. But let me explain ….

I work with several girls who have onlyfans accounts and bless their hearts, many of them allowed me to use their accounts to test out the method. It worked 100% of the time. The degree it worked varied. The smaller the account the less she made but all girls made a noticeable and in some cases vast increase in their earnings.

  • Here is how it works. Log into OnlyFans.
  • Now pull up your list of expired subscribers. The older your account the more you’ll have. Some girls had 3,000. Some had 10,000, one girl I worked with had 93,000.
  • Now click “FOLLOW” for every single one of those expired subscribers. Yes, I know this will take you forever and ever and ever and ever. But once you finally get it done it will only take you 2 minutes a week to keep up with. I found it was faster to do it in Firefox than Chrome. For some reason, OnlyFans and Chrome are not friends. VERYYY slow doing this on Chrome.

The purpose of following your expired subscribers is so that you can mass DM them with content they can unlock (if they want). You’ll get some guys to do it. And that’s great, money you didn’t have before.

But there is another reason for doing this. As I started to follow some of these girls’ old subscribers they started to come back and rejoin.

I learned this after the first girl so for the second girl I tested it on, I did a 50% off promo. She had all 100 claimed in one hour.

By the time I finished with hers, she had doubled her subscribers. The first girl’s account I worked on was much smaller. She only had 3,000 expired but out of those 3,000 she got about 350 or so resubscribed. Not much but those were 350 paid subscribers.

Plus she has them on her list so she can mass DM all her old subscribers and offer them content to unlock.

I did this with a total of six girls. The final one was the biggest and she had 93,000 expired subscribers. It took four of us working in shifts a total of five days to get it all done but in the end, she got a crazy number of those coming back as subscribers. I think it was over 1,500. She also sent out a mass DM offering a $5 unlock where she made $2,300.

All six girls showed a vast improvement in earnings by following their expired subscribers and sending them mass DMs.

If you aren’t doing this, you need to get on it right now!

The good news is, once you get through the backlog, it will only take you a couple of minutes each week to keep up with it.

This technique is another reason why you should never close down your OnlyFans account and start a new one so some “manager” or agent can get their 5% referral fee. Think how many thousands of expired you lost because of that?

Anyone who tells you to close your OnlyFans account and open a new one using their referral link only cares about themselves. They don’t have YOUR best interest at heart and as a result, should be avoided at all costs.

You have to do what is best for you. You have to think of YOUR future.

Don’t close your OnlyFans account and open a new one because someone wants a 5% referral fee. Their 5% could have cost you tens of thousands of dollars.



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