Whitney Wright says she’ll never step foot on an Elegant Angel @elegantangelxxx set again

Earlier today Lacy Lennon learned a very valuable lesson … don’t sign a model release without reading it carefully. She was shocked to find that the content she shot for Elegant Angel was being used to promote another product with her name and likeness on it.

However, the real lesson she should have learned is that her agent doesn’t give two shits about her, or he would have explained all of this to her. I mean what kind of fat-ass lazy douche bag of an agent doesn’t inform his clients the very basics of how the industry works? Fuck you, Spiegler!

By now doing this he leaves his girls open for being exploited and that’s not okay.

When Lacy Lennon found out about her photos that she shot were being used to promote a product that she didn’t know about, she went to Twitter to complain about it. Understandably. I mean she’s frustrated and felt deceived because she didn’t understand how contracts and model releases work.

Whitney Wright chimed in and was equally horrified the photos she shot while doing an Elegant Angel scene were re-used for something else.

She says she’ll never set foot on an Elegant Angel scene again as a result.

The problem is, this company didn’t do anything illegal. When you sign away the rights for your content, you are doing so for life and for any and all mediums, those known and those not yet invented.

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When you take pictures for a company they could use them on their website or even produce T-shirts with them. They could also license them out to other companies.

Whitney Wright says she'll step foot on an Elegant Angel @elegantangelxxx set again

Depending on the model release you sign, the company in question could do pretty much anything they want with that content. It’s theirs. They own it. And you signed away your rights to get to say.

Whitney Wright has starred in over 500 scenes. Are you telling me she never read any of those releases? How did she not know that when you sign a model release are giving away your rights to the content?!?!

How did her agent not tell her this? That’s really the big question!

By not educating your performer you are leaving them open to actually be exploited.

In the meantime let me remind all performers to please take the time to go to Performer.Training and you can learn all kinds of fascinating and important things about the adult industry.

The next lesson we’ll be adding is a further explanation of what model releases are and how they work in terms of your rights.

But let me just say this … once you do content for a company and sign that release, they own that content. They really can do whatever they want with it. You were paid for it. Now it’s theirs to do what they want with it for ever and ever and ever.

30 years from now they could release it.

300 years from now they could release it in other crazy future formats.

YOU agreed to this when you signed your model release.





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