Clowns have been terrorizing people, but apparently, according to xHamster, that’s not all they’re doing!

Clowns Aren’t Just Terrorizing, They’re Turning People On! “Clown” Search Surge! xHamster Releases Halloween Stats!


– xHamster released it’s Halloween Stats recently, and the USA, shockingly has another surprise!

     – The search term “Clown” has risen by 50% on xHamster in the USA lately.  The only place with higher “clown” search spiking is the U.K., with an increase of 199.5% last week.
     – It seems clowns are terrorizing people in the USA, but are also making their private parts go crazy as well
     – xHamster has also seen an increase in Clown video uploads.
     – xHamster also released that “Halloween” was the most popular search term in USA
      – Happy Halloween from xHamster to you!
Speaking of clown porn. You see Megan Rain dressed up this year for Halloween? #HOT #HOT #HOT
Megan Rain Clown Porn

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