Scammer alert! @JeshByJesh is an “Only Fans” @OnlyFansApp scammer!

I normally post updates at the bottom of posts but this time it’s more of a clarification so I thought I would post it up top and then later you can read the original post below. I originally heard about this “Jesh” guy when two different people asked me if I had heard of him and if he was legit. I had not heard of it, and he only had a handful of twitter followers and no listing that I could find as a legitimate male talent. I even searched for him on IAFD, who at this time has documented the careers of 143,735 performers.

So that being said, his tweets caught my attention when I noticed he said he had just “confirmed” he was working with Chloe Scott.

I called her agent and he said he had no idea who I was talking about, never heard of him in his life.

Next I called Derek from LA Direct Models as this Jesh guy said he just confirmed that he would be working with several girls who are exclusive with LA Direct Models including Naomi Woods, Jill Kassidy, Lana Rhoades, Megan Rain, and Sofi Ryan.

Derek said he had gotten a handful of complaints from models about him because this guy, whoever he was, was making false claims. LA Direct Models never booked any scenes with him, nor was he authorized by the models in question to work with.

That to me proved he was a liar but just how big I wasn’t sure yet. (See full post below).

Next, I got a call from Chloe Scott’s agent who said after he made a post on Facebook about it, a guy named Marcel contacted him (who actually is a legit producer) and said that Jesh was his male talent and often times his co-producer.

The problem is, by now Jesh had tweeted some very rude and degrading things about female performers — I only wished I had a damn screenshot of it but it got removed before I had the chance to get it. 🙁

The guy later apologized for it, after Marcel canceled all of his shoots for the month of May.

But the damage was done. The guy was quickly placed on several no lists and the owner of the actual legit production company had to go into damage mode to try and repair relationships with agents and talent, over what this @JeshbyJesh guy had done and been saying.

The performers mentioned on his tweeter feed felt disrespected and some agents are now weary of working with the production company who hired this Jesh guy in the first place.

Is he a legit male performer? I have no clue. Maybe. The book is still out on this one.

What we can say for sure though is that he flat out lied. Not only did he lie, but he kept on lying when questioned about it.

I called someone who was at that moment speaking with this “Marcel” guy. When I mentioned that he (or Jesh) had in fact never confirmed any bookings with some of the girls he listed from LA Direct Models, the guy said he had booked them.

I knew this was a lie. I knew because of two very good reasons. #1 The owner of LA Direct Models told me so and #2 One of the girls listed is Megan Rain who he couldn’t possibly have booked a scene with because she’s in Hawaii right now, WITH HER AGENT!

So this 3rd party kept saying, then it was done behind their agent’s back. That kept being repeated over and over.

So it’s like wait a minute … you are telling me this guy went from lying to booking the girls to admitting he was booking girls behind their agents back? Really? That somehow makes this whole situation all better?

Obviously, at that point, the story changed and I got no further answers.

Needless to say this is a big fat lie. The are not working with any of the girls he said he was. He lied. He got caught lying and I still don’t get why he was doing it in the first place.

Who was he trying to impress or scam? That’s what I want to know.

Was it all just a scam to get people to join his OnlyFans page or something?

That so far is the best I can come up with.


I’ve seen a lot of bullshit over the years but this one is a new one on me. Basically, a guy who goes by the name of @JeshByJesh on twitter opened himself up an Only Fans account, posting content of “him” with various girls. The problem? It looks like it’s not him – it’s stolen POV content.

That, of course, is an assumption. I can’t say for sure or not where he is getting the content. Maybe he is licensing it, but chances are, with only 319 followers on twitter, who knows. He also claims to have TONS of people who have joined his only fans site, 30+. Yet he only has 319 followers. LOL

Some of his scenes look legit like it could be the same guy. But the rest? Bullshit.

He’s tweeting about how he is working with or has worked with girls that 100% for sure isn’t true.


  • Working with Naomi Woods = Lie
  • Working with Jill Kassidy = Lie
  • Working with Lana Rhoades = Lie
  • Working with Megan Rain = Lie
  • Working with Sofi Ryan = Lie
  • Working with Chloe Scott = Lie

I spoke their agents – and they never heard of this guy. Never booked with him nor would they ever since he’s not a legit producer.

So the question is, where is he getting his content?

Is he possibly stealing POV content, trying to pass it off as his own? Or is he posting his own legit content with lesser known girls, and then using the big named girls as a lure to try and trick people into joining his only fans page?

Either way, we know he’s a liar. There is no way in hell he is working with any of the girls he says he is, their agents confirmed it with me. So whoever this JeshbyJesh guy is, he’s a fucking liar.

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