What’s causing the Mass DM Delay Over at @OnlyFans? I found out!

If you spent any time on OnlyFans today you no doubt noticed today’s been an awkwardly slow day when trying to send out a mass DM to your subscribers.

But it’s not like this is new. In fact, this slowdown has been going on since October. But do you know why?

No, it’s not a bug or a server problem. There is no glitch. It is slowed down for a reason. The short answer is, Visa and Mastercard. But let me explain what I mean by that.

When a video is uploaded to the major tube sites and is forced to be taken down through the DMCA or complaints process, that video is digitally fingerprinted. That way if anyone tries to reupload it again, the system will read that digital fingerprint and know to not allow it to pass the verification process.

Imagine someone posted a video of you without your permission. You complain to the tube site, the video is taken down but then some other jerk uploads it again, 5 minutes later. It could be a never-ending nightmare if it weren’t for digital fingerprinting technology.

So when you send out a mass DM to your subscribers, the first thing Onlyfans has to do is scan the video, looking for that digital footprint. If they don’t find it, they send it out and move on to the next one.

The problem is, well there are a lot of people all trying to send out mass DMs to their subscribers.Β Just look at how many mass DMs a content creator may send to a fan in a given day.

OnlyFans Mass DM Delays

It takes time and a lot of computer processing power to process these mass DMs. So when you press “submit” yours goes into a queue, a sort of digital line – think of it as a checkout line at the grocery store. The first person in line checks out, then she goes on her way. Now it’s the next person in line’s turn. She checks out and then she goes on her way and it’s now the next person in line’s turn. This goes on and on until finally everyone is through the checkout line.

Some people may take a little longer than others, depending on just how big their video is or how many videos they’ve added. But in the end, you can’t go until they are finished. You don’t get to skip to the front of the line because your message is smaller. It doesn’t work that way in a grocery store, nor does it work that way on OnlyFans.

Your place in line is determined by what time you pressed that “send” button.

Now there are some things you can do to get around this. You can schedule your mass DM in advance. What we’ve learned through testing is that there seem to be two lines. The first is the live line, those people who type up their message and just press send. Then there seems to be a second line, for those who queue up a message to be sent out later.

If you schedule your mass message to go out 1 hour from the time you create it, it will usually make the scheduled time.

However, if you type up that exact same message and try to press send right now, it may take 2 or 3 hours to get out. So this is why I say always schedule your message. For some reason, that queue line always seems to be faster.

What's causing the Mass DM Delay Over at OnlyFans? I found out!

These changes are a direct result of the introduction of new AI technology in response to the new Visa/MasterCard regulations, that went into effect on October 15th. πŸ’»

Visa and Mastercard want companies like OnlyFans to use automated technology like this to help ensure the rules are being followed.

And it’s more than just checking for those digital footprints on videos. They are also scanning your messages for other things.

This part is VERY important, 🚨 don’t ever think OnlyFans doesn’t know what you are doing in your DMs. They damn sure do. Sending out pee or poop videos or whatever will get you banned. Prior to Oct 15 DMs have been laxer with regulations but that absolutely isn’t the case anymore. BE CAREFUL. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING. You have no expectation of privacy when using platforms like OnlyFans. If you say it, on their platform, they can see it.

Don’t think by sending it out via DM, OnlyFans won’t know what you are doing. They know. Trust me, they know. Don’t risk losing your account because some idiot told you, that you could get away with it.

I know that some men who I won’t name but you know who you are – are telling girls the only way they will make money is to send out that kind of illegal content. They assure the girls that if it’s done in DMs OnlyFans will never know.

Yes, they know. OnlyFans implements state-of-the-art AI technology, so it’s not a matter of IF they will find out, but when.

On that note, let’s now talk about some of the types of content you can’t post on platforms like OnlyFans. These are banned because they have been deemed “obscenity”. Pornography is legal, obscenity is not. The two most obvious are pee and poop πŸ’© but there are other things that are not allowed including (but not limited to) extreme BDSM and violence of any kind.

Also, you must be over 18 to post adult content, but you also can’t pretend to be underage. As it turns out the supreme court says, if it looks like a duck πŸ¦† and quacks like a duckπŸ¦† to them it is in fact a πŸ¦†.

Next, there is rape – consent is key but even simulated rape is banned. This means, for example, you can’t pretend to have sex with someone who is asleep, drunk, or hypnotized. Why? Because if you are drunk or asleep you can’t legally consent. Next is the issue of the ever-so-popular family porn. ie: I banged my stepmom. This is allowed ONLY if you do not imply there is any blood relation ie: mom and dad – but stepmom and stepdad is apparently okay.

If you are looking for a list of currently banned words on OnlyFans here is my ever-growing list.

For what it’s worth, here are the results of some of my testing from today. Today seems to be slower than normal, but hopefully, this information will help you out.

  • A mass DM with text only takes about 10 minutes to go out.
  • A mass DM with a 7-minute video attached took about 3 hours.
  • A mass DM with two photos attached took about 1 hour and 25 minutes.
  • A mass DM with one photo attached took about 1 and a half hours to go out.
  • A mass DM with two photos attached but that was taken from the vault from previously posted content, took about 10 minutes to go out.
  • A mass DM with one photo attached that I scheduled to go out in 1 hour, actually went out on time.
  • A mass DM with one photo attacked that I scheduled to go out in 30 minutes, went out in about an hour and 5 minutes.

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