Top 10 Things to Never Say on a First Date

The first date is very important because it creates an impression of who a person is. Whether you have been talking online or have briefly met in the past, you should treat the first date as the best opportunity to get to know each other and learn who the other person is. Therefore, every little thing that you do should be well thought out and calculated. In addition to wearing the best dinner attire and bringing your best behavior, there are several things that neither a man or woman should ever say. Just to make sure you avoid these things, here is a list.

Top 10 Things to Never Say on a First Date

Do Not Say Negative Things

The first major piece of advice to all people who are planning to have their first date is to stay positive. If you often tend to be negative, this is not the time to show your true colors. The first date should be filled with positive comments like complimenting your date and talking about your ambitions and goals. As mentioned in the introductory note, your partner will take this moment seriously to learn who you are.

Do Not Criticize

People cannot be as perfect as you want. Your date may show up not looking as polished as you expected. But this does not give you the opportunity to criticize the efforts she or he has made. Both men and women can feel intimidated if you start to point out their mistakes from the beginning of the date to the end. For example, even if your date orders something that you do not like yourself, you should not mention that you think it is weird. You may end up losing a lifetime partner who is perfect in heart.

Do Not Ask About Previous Partners

People are always curious about one another and the things they have done in the past. However, this is not the best time to know how many previous partners your date has had or how long she or he has stayed single. It is even worse if you want to know the number of people she or he is currently seeing or dating. In addition to being irritated by these questions, your date may also feel intimidated by your curiosity. Try and avoid questions related to this.

Your Ex Is Not Important

Bringing up the topic of your ex will quickly spoil the evening or the moment that you are enjoying. In fact, it does not matter at what point you bring up the issue. So, in the same way that you have avoided asking your date about her or his relationship life, you too should keep away from such topics. Truth be told, your date is not interested to know about your ex.

Do Not Keep Talking About Your Achievements

There are many things that you can say to make yourself look attractive to your date rather than discussing your achievements too much. It is even worse if you do not give your partner time to tell you something little about her or his ambitions in life. Even if your business or job is doing well, this is not the opportunity to brag about such achievements. According to experienced relationships experts from the website, you should only mention such a topic briefly on your first date.

Discussing Sex

Sex is an important factor in a relationship. But the topic should never come up on the first date. Women, who are more frequently the victims of sexual harassment, can feel sexually harassed if partners openly show a desire to take them to bed on the first date. You should wait for a second or third date to discuss romance and sexual matters. Bringing these issues up on the first date only creates the impression that your interest is in using the other person without a commitment to the relationship that is about to start.

Financial Problems

Lamenting about how bad the economy has been or how it has been a challenge to get money will only make your date feel like she or he is a bother. In fact, most people request to pay for the bill if their dates start complaining about money. It is not a topic that should arise during your first date or even subsequent ones. When both of you are settled in healthy relationships, you can comfortably find solutions to any financial challenge one is experiencing.

Forget About Your Parents

Whether you are the child of the state governor or the most prominent entrepreneur, their achievements do not add any value to the date. Therefore, you should focus on issues that help both of you get to know each other and assess whether you will be happy together. If you start talking about your parents at this time, you will be surprised when this becomes the first and last date.

Do Not Discuss Politics

Unless both of you are politicians, you should not bring up the topic. It is one of the biggest turn-offs for the first date. It does not matter whether it is the political election season or not. The best thing is to avoid the topic at all costs. After all, there are many other things the two of you can discuss rather than this. The biggest problem is that you may have different political beliefs, which will lead to an annoying discussion.

Do Not Discuss Typical Clichés

Mature people are not like teens who giggle every time a cliché statement slips out of your mouth. The first date should avoid such things that are meaningless to your date. Probably, your date has heard too many of these and is not interested anymore. The best thing is to weigh all your words and only talk about things that add value for both of you. Surprisingly, your date will weigh how mature you are by the things that you will bring up to discuss.


The first date is supposed to be enjoyable and make both of you look forward to meeting again. The above highlights offer important tips on what should be left behind while meeting for a first date. The most important things are to make your date smile, enjoy the experience and feel appreciated.

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