Look Out for Fake Site When Searching for Sex for Free

A lot of guys think that just because they don’t spend money on free dating sites, they are not getting ripped off. I feel sorry for these dudes. You see, these guys spend hours every single night hanging out on these websites trying to find sex for free. They might as well burn up money, seriously. Now you might be thinking, “Well, they’re not spending money, they’re not whipping out their credit cards and filling up forms so they can be billed on a regular basis.

Where’s the harm? How can they be ripped off?

Well, you have to remember that your most precious assets are not those green pieces of paper on your wallet. They’re not those digital numbers on your online bank account. Your most important asset is your time. Think of it this way, if you were doing something that paid $5 an hour when you could be doing something else that paid $100 an hour, which would you rather do? It should be pretty straightforward.

This is called an opportunity cost. Unfortunately, hanging out at free dating sites trying to hook up with free pussy and burning through hour upon hour of frustration, involves a lot of opportunity cost. You could have invested that time earning money doing online Forex trading, building blogs, and other online money-making activities. You can then take the money that you earned and invest in great clothing, a nice car, and just hit the town and hook yourself up with some premium-grade pussy.

Do you see where I’m coming from? Unfortunately, a lot of guys think that hanging out and camping out at free dating sites is the cheapest most effective way to go. The only people they’re fooling are themselves. They’re getting ripped off. How do you know you’re getting ripped off? Pay attention to the following three signs.

Automatic greeters

The moment you join a free dating site, all these hot women from all four corners of the world seem to magically appear. Don’t get too excited. I know it’s very tempting to just send email after email to these females trying to hook up with them but I’m telling you right now, you are speaking to the void.

Seriously, you’re just talking to the wall. Why? There’s nobody at the other end. Nine times out of ten, that automated message was sent by software. Either the software is run by the free dating site that you joined or more likely run by a spammer who is using free dating sites to find victims. Whatever the case may be, you are wasting your time trying to communicate with these fake females.

If they do communicate back, they would send you links which would take you to either a porn site, an online strip show, or guess what? Another dating site that asks for money. Do you see how this can be a rip-off? The moment you see this, get the fuck off that dating site because the chances of you getting laid are quite slim.

Fake profiles

The easiest way to detect if a dating site is a rip off is the profile pictures of the so-called members. If you notice that there are lots of pictures of Jessica Alba or other hot celebrities, chances are you are on a fake site. Now, keep in mind that just because those profiles proliferate, doesn’t mean that the dating sites themselves are responsible.

In most cases, spammers create those fake profiles in order to lure unsuspecting male members to sign out for third-party sites. Regardless of the real reason, you need to get the hell out of there because you’re simply wasting your time. Finally, if you notice that a lot of the women there keep teasing you, they are real and they send real messages. They are real but they keep delaying when you can talk to each other on Skype. They keep delaying when you’re going to meet offline. If this is your situation and you’ve been waiting for a few days now, chances are you will never meet.

Why? These women are paid professionals who tried to frustrate you long enough to sign up for a premium membership, click on an ad, or do something else that will result in a promoter earning a few extra dollars. Do you see where I’m coming from? If you detect any of these patterns, stop wasting your time. Get out of those websites and look for websites that are not rip-offs.


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