Two Agents seek legal action against Trinity St. Clair

I received and email today about Trinity St. Clair. This of course comes just 24 hours after the shocking revelation on the Mike South website that Trinity St. Clair is running a crack den and using her house to host illegal shoots.

The information I received today basically exposed Trinity St. Clair for booking a shoot today for Girls Gone Wild with Alex Grey and Naomi Woods, behind their agents back.

Naomi Woods is under exclusive contract with LA Direct Models while Alex Grey is under exclusive contract with Matrix Models.

Both agents were given both email and text messages of other jobs Trinity has attempted to book the girls for and as a result both agents will be seeking legal action against her.

Trinity St. Clair is not legally authorized to act as their agents and of course is not licensed by the state of California.

Trinity St. Clair herself is repped by OC Modeling. It will be interested to see how that factors in to the lawsuits.

I’ll keep you updated as more information on this lawsuit against Trinity St. Clair comes to light.





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