Siri Dahl Has Twitter Suspended. Are You Next?

Last night Siri Dahl posted a message on IG explaining that her Twitter account has been suspended. I share this information with you, not to shame Siri Dahl but to use this as a learning experience so that you too won’t make her mistake. First, this is her message ….

I am ✨suspended✨on Twitter for wearing a bikini and tall boots in my profile photo. 🤦🏻‍♀️
I’m appealing the suspension rather than deleting the photo (which is an admission of guilt), so I won’t have Twitter access for a few days, until they review my appeal. I know the photo is within guidelines, so it should be fine in the end. I gained a ton of new followers last week, so I’m sure that there was some mass reporting of my account, which always happens with new growth bc the antis looooooove getting 🌽 stars banned from social media. They really do think they’re doing the Lord’s Work. 😂

As you’ll notice in her message, she doesn’t seem to understand what she did wrong. She even goes on to say that the photo is within guidelines.

The thing of it is, I don’t think they nailed her for her avatar. I think they probably nailed her because she’s promoting a pornographic website in her header image.

Siri Dahl is not the first porn star to have their Twitter account suspended for promoting an adult website in their header image, and she probably won’t be the last.

Ironically I just posted on March 1st, about Twitter rules. Now might be a good time to review those rules. Twitter doesn’t have many rules but the few they do have, they take seriously.

  • Don’t have nudity in your header image or your avatar
  • Don’t promote porn in your header image or avatar
  • Don’t spam
  • Don’t try and cheat the system (learn more about platform manipulation here)
  • Don’t use your account to bully or harass others
  • Don’t spread misinformation on politically sensitive issues
  • Don’t post videos of yourself with music in the background that you don’t own the rights to

The main thing to remember here is, a website URL or an avatar for a pornographic website is, as Twitter support told Siri Dahl, promotion of pornography and a violation of their policy.

It’s great that you want to promote a new movie you are in, but by doing that in your Twitter header, you are breaking the rules. Don’t promote or advertise adult content in your header. This means no pornhub logos, no Bangbros logos, no adult time logos. No links to your OnlyFans page IN YOUR HEADER IMAGE.


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