Did you break these Instagram posting rules?

One of the services I offer to porn stars and adult content creators is an Instagram audit. What this means is, I go through your account and tell you every post you have to remove because it’s too risky and put your account at risk. In short, I help you find the pesky IG violations before you are actually nailed for them.

Today however I’m going to do it for everyone publicly so that you can see what it is I do and how much risk your account is really in.

Instagram has really been nailing accounts left and right lately so I thought I would take a moment to scroll through my own feed and pick out a few posts that are at risk of getting a violation. I’m doing this here not to call out any of the girls who did this because chances are they don’t even realize they are violating Instagram’s rules. I’m doing this to help each and every one of you (and maybe them too) so that you can see for yourself, exactly what kinds of posts are putting your account at risk.

Again I’m not trying to call anyone out here for what they post on Instagram. I really am doing this to help everyone learn because clearly far too many of us don’t seem to understand just how many times they break these Instagram rules.

So let’s start with the most obvious. Did this girl post a picture of her bush on IG? Yes, yes she did.

To many, this may not seem like a rule violation as she isn’t showing her nips but it is in fact a naughty no-no. We call this the handbra and hand bras are a no go on IG.

This next one is probably one of the most common rule violations. It’s not always obvious but here is how it works – bare buttocks are okay but only if you don’t also show vag. Now you may argue but her vag is covered by her swimsuit. And you’re right. But I don’t make the rules. So if you want to post your ass on Instagram, make sure you aren’t doing so while showing your vagina.

This is problematic for a few reasons. First, she’s wearing see-through lingerie. That’s a no-go. Next, she’s showing a bit of her nipple, and even worse, I see her bush. So to be clear here do not post pictures showing your nipples and for the love of all things holy, stop posting pictures with your bush – even trimmed is still a violation.

Next, we have a similar problem with the previous girl. See-through lingerie, with both her nipples and bush showing. All violations.

And again with the see-through lingerie. Yes, it’s pretty but it shows your nipples and your bush. These are IG rule violations.

And last but not least, we have another nipple violation. If you can see your nips through your lineage, the pictures is not okay to post on Instagram.

I hope that these examples help you get a better understanding of what is and isn’t okay to post on Instagram. I don’t want to see more adult performers and content creators getting their accounts shut down.

If you want to learn more be sure and take my free class – social media mastery for the adult industry.

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