Sex Trafficking is Real and Exists in our Industry!

While everyone is up in arms about the new SESTA bill (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act) and I understand because it takes things way to far. But the one thing we aren’t talking about is that there really is a problem in our industry with sex trafficking.

It does happen and more often than I think some people realize.

Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models is currently being investigated for human trafficking. When I read the police report my stomach turned reading the words of the victim.

But his dumb ass isn’t what my article is about today. Today my article is about a far more serious case of sex trafficking and that is the girls being brought in from Europe and being forced to do things.

A new article recently came out about Shy Love bringing girls into the country illegally. When they get to America she takes them to Arizona to get a State state ID so that producers don’t know they are in the country working illegally.

And to be extra careful they didn’t get to stay in a model house. No a real bedroom with a real bed and clean sheets would be too good for these girls. Shy Love stuffed them in a tiny camper trailer.

I asked why she would do this and was told that she didn’t want to risk other girls in the model house discovering the truth and ratting them out to the authorities.

The Mike South article says …

According to the young porn hopefuls, Shy Love arranges for European models to be brought to the U.S., allegedly with the cooperation of the Brill Babes, erotic model agency of Budapest, Hungary.

Shortly after their U.S. arrival, they are transported across state lines to Nevada or Arizona, where arrangements are made for them to receive state ID cards, and then driven back to Los Angeles County in California. (One model says Shy Love accompanied a batch of models on such a trip.)

Here is a screencap was taken from the video posted on Mike South exposing the trailer. Look at the dirty floor. That’s just nasty.

*** I blocked out the face of the girl in the video since she was a victim of sex trafficking and I don’t want her further exploited by being in a blog post about the dumb bitch to did that to her.


These girls were forced to live in this tiny little dirty ass trailer.

By their own account, these girls were forced to do things they wouldn’t have otherwise done. But what choice did they have? According to them Shy Love held their money and if they didn’t do as she told them to do, or whoever they told her to do, they were screwed. They had no way to even get home. They had no money, no place to stay and were in a country where they knew nobody.

This is sex trafficking.

These girls were forced to work in the sex trade “or else”.

They were scared, isolated, what else could they do? They had to do what they had to do to survive.

On what planet is this okay?

These girls aren’t “euro trash” they are real-life human beings who don’t deserve to be treated like this.

By the way, I spoke with someone from Brill Babes. She confirmed the girls in question did not work with Brill Babes … the owner of Brill Babes specifically said …

This girls on video are from czek republic. Only connection with us is they were on tour in our country. They are not even “our” girls.

In addition, they made it clear they have no association with Shy Love, no matter what Shy Love tries to tell people.


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