Sarah Vandella (@MsSarahVandella) Speaks Out About Her Sexual Assault

Sarah Vandella (@MsSarahVandella) takes a moment to speak out on Twitter about her experience in porn.

“Not all male talents are scum bag abusers I want my fans to know that there are a lot of very respectful professional porn star males who are capable of respecting boundaries on an off set. And I find that to be incredibly sexy.”

I’m going to make a list of all the men who have sexually assaulted and raped me since I started porn 13 years ago. Including the man who raped me before I shot my first scene. The man who then would shoot my first scene.

It’s crazy the things we suppress because we tell ourselves if it was a different circumstance I would’ve said yes or even if I would’ve been given the opportunity to give consent I may have said yes. Because that’s the thing I wasn’t given the opportunity to give consent.

A hand was placed over my mouth from behind my neck cracked I was then thrown onto a bed and a room. The room next to us there was a sex scene filming with a girl who is no longer in the industry. She brought me to LA. I was thinking about getting into porn

In a room… sorry typo I was throw onto a bed in a room. The room next to us a sex scene was being filmed . I could hear them through the wall. The director who was raping me had someone else on camera that day. He never asked me if it was OK he never asked me if I wanted it.

I think I told myself for so many years that if it was a different circumstance I would’ve said sure let’s do this. But he was testing me. He knew that I knew that they were filming in the room next to us. And if I said anything if I said no they would’ve heard me.

I knew that if I made a noise or made a stink about it he would’ve told me that I didn’t have what it takes to do porn. So I didn’t say anything my neck bothered me for weeks after that. He then shot my first scene three scenes actually. This was in 2007

There’s more but that will be all for tonight.May we all heal from our trauma and grow with love in our hearts and learn to forgive ourselves because I’m still angry at myself I wish I did things differently instead of manifesting anger I wish I spoke up.

Although Sarah didn’t out him, I’m going to. Sarah Vandella’s first three scenes were shot with Naughty America – My Sister’s Hot Friend, Naughty Office, and Neighbor Affair. They were directed by Brett Brando.

Brett Brando

From what I can tell Brett Brando is no longer employed with Naughty America however he still works in the industry.



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