Aria Lee @AriaLeexxx Accuses Craven Moorehead @badboycraven of #Rape

Porn performer Aria Lee has gone public today via a live Twitter broadcast to tell her sexual assault story about director Craven Moorehead, known on Twitter as @badboycraven.

Sadly, Aria Lee’s story isn’t unusual but it is heartbreaking.

“Everyone needs to know because this director should not be working”, she says. And if her accusations are true then she’s right, he shouldn’t be working in our industry.

Aria Lee was on a Gamma set when director Craven Moorehead raped on October 11, 2019. Aria Lee says that she was forced into a bathroom to give him oral sex – with the entire cast and crew in the other room.

He raped her again on December 8, 2019, on another set. She came forward to tell her story to Gamma, who mind you promised to do better after the incident that took place with Stills by Alan, and they did nothing. GAMMA LIED!

Actually that’s not true. It would almost have been better if they actually did “nothing”. Instead what they did was hire an independent investigator and then when he came back with findings against Craven Moorehead, Gamma decided to still do nothing. That makes them complicit in his crimes.

But Craven Moorehead isn’t the only one at fault here. What about Bree Mills? She’s the boss so the buck stops with her, no?

I mean how many rapes are going to go down at Gamma with her in charge and turning a blind eye?

How many of our girls have to be victimized under her watch?

In Aria Lee’s statement, she says that there have been two other incidents of reported assaults (I guess unrelated to hers) and Gamma still hasn’t taken any action against him.


I really can’t help but stop and ask myself that.

There are so many male performers who want to be directors but aren’t given a chance but they instead keep Craven Moorhead on staff? WHY?

His work isn’t that spectacular. It’s not like they couldn’t replace him with ease. I mean seriously, he’s not Michael Ninn. So why keep Craven Moorhead around?

And for that matter, why is Bree Mills part of yet another rape allegation?

To my knowledge this is the 5th – yes the FIFTH person who has had a problem with Gamma directors in the last 2 years, all under the watch of Bree Mills.

According to Aria Lee’s statement, Gamma hired an independent investigator (3:33 mark in the video) and he too advised Gamma to release Craven that he was guilty.

Aria Lee agreed to take a polygraph test but Craven said he would not. She also went on to say that he has admitted to multiple people that he did both sexual assaults.

Aria Lee did the right thing. She reached out to Gamma for help. They covered it up. They ignored her.

She hired a therapist and for that, I applaud her. But what Gamma did, not helping her through this is beyond reprehensible.

Craven Moorehead has friends reaching out asking me not to write this story – not to take a stand and “stir shit up”. Each one said the same thing, “It’s Aria Lee man,” as if that somehow meant something bad. One even said to me,” She’s a porn whore”.

To each of those people who have contacted me, I say FUCK YOU AND FUCK THAT GUY TOO.

Seriously. What the actual fuck?

Just because she’s a porn star doesn’t mean that you can rape her or force her to do things. NO MEANS NO, EVEN IN PORN!

To Bree Mills let me just add this … I hate you. I don’t know how you sleep at night. You make my stomach turn. Every time I see your disgusting cunt face, I want to vomit. The horrible things you’ve personally inflicted or have turned a blind eye to, on the girls in our industry is not okay.

May your and your entire family burn in hell. FUCK YOU TOO.

On January 11, 2019, just 10 months before one of their directors would go on to rape Aria Lee, Gamma announced a new code of contact for their talent and crew.

“As a company, we care deeply about the safety and well-being of our industry and everyone in it,” Gamma president Karl Bernard said.

Key excerpts from the Production Code of Conduct have been released regarding the expected conduct of contractors, subcontractors, and representatives working with the company and its subsidiaries, as follows:

• Maintain appropriate boundaries in professional relationships with Performers, and not use the power inherent in [their] position to exercise unreasonable or inappropriate authority over Performers, crew members or other Representatives

• Not engage in physical, psychological or sexual harassment of any Performer, crew member or Representative. Harassment may be a single incident or a persistent pattern of behavior where the purpose is to create a hostile, offensive, or an intimidating environment

• No Representative, Contractor or Subcontractor shall demand or solicit any personal sexual favors from Performers on or offset, offer the exchange of work, gifts or influence in casting in return for sexual favors from prospective Performers or solicit or accept gifts or sexual favors offset in exchange for casting and/or preferential treatment onset.

• Regarding its ‘go-see’ policy, a Performer/Representative meeting should be scheduled and at the time of the meeting a third party shall be present. Any Contractor, Representative or crew member found arranging private ‘go-sees’ will be terminated.

• It is not permissible or acceptable to use a position of authority to imply, suggest, promise, threaten, coerce, lure, entice or reward Performers with casting or work in return for sexual or other forms of favors. Being in a position of authority, it is critical for everyone to feel safe and supported. It is never, under any circumstances, appropriate to engage in sexual activity while working for Gamma on set.

• All performers will be required to complete a checklist of acts or scenarios with which they are not comfortable (known as a ‘no list’) and exchange the same with other Performers in the film and the Contractor prior to the start of any production.

• The Contractor shall be responsible for discussing the ‘no lists’ with the Performers and all parties must sign off on the checklists. The Contractor shall be responsible for ensuring the points specified on the checklists are respected during filming.

• Any Representative, Contractor or Subcontractor who witnesses acts of sexual harassment, is advised of any incidents of harassment or any violation of this Code of Conduct will be held accountable to immediately report the incident to Gamma.

• If a Performer forgot personal property or has to finalize the paperwork, for example, the Contractor or Representative will arrange for the property to be returned to a commonplace or the Performer’s agent, or for the paperwork to be completed in a commonplace. No Performer crewmember or Representative should ever be invited to a Contractor’s house alone.                                                                         

“We want to ensure that a new standard of conduct is not only something that we discuss but that we put into action,” Bernard said. “That starts with what we can improve within our own productions.”

I guess that applied to everyone except Aria Lee. Because she wasn’t safe. She wasn’t protected and she had her rights violated.

I hope that you all join me in calling for the firing of Craven Moorehead and Bree Mills.

Gamma has already hired an independent investigator, who told them Craven was guilty so what more really needs to be said here?


How many more of our girls need to suffer at the hands of this company? I want to let you know, that although I’m not allowed to discuss it, these aren’t the only sexual assault allegations going around about Gamma.
On December 9, 2019, Stef Onzo was RUMORED to have offered bookings in exchange for sex. His then-girlfriend Whitney Wright told Gamma about what she found out and they immediately terminated their relationship with him.
It was quick and without much fuss. So why then didn’t they do the same thing to Craven Moorehead?
There is some evidence that one director who works with Gamma has been exchanging drugs for bookings. You give this director drugs they will book you in a scene. There were text messages shown to back this accusation up. I spoke with a rep from Gamma about this in January of this year, assuming that one of their own VPs would be aware of this. He had no clue what I was talking about. So it was clear their “performer helpline” to which this incident was reported doesn’t do shit.
They aren’t even fully investigating the claims made to it.
And again I remind you, this is all under the watch of Bree Mills.
She’s the boss so isn’t she ultimately responsible for the actions of her people?
How many girls are going to be raped under her watch?
But you know what makes me most sad through all of this? It’s something Dolly Leigh said and she’s right ….
“I think a lot of performers have been afraid to speak out about abuse and having their boundaries violated out of fear of being blacklisted and having their careers destroyed for stirring the pot. It’s a painful conversation to have, but it’s nice to see it happening”
So many girls are afraid to speak up about what has happened to them, but now that they are learning that they can make it on their owns with sites like OnlyFans, FanCentro, and SextPanther, they realize (hopefully) they can tell the truth– they can tell their stories.