Let’s talk about self-booking while under contract

We talk about agents a lot here at this site. We are usually talking about the stupid shit they do but today’s talk is about the opposite. Today’s talk is what happens when a girl is under contract with a licensed agent, and she lets her friend or boyfriend (or anyone for that matter) book scenes for her.

Turns out that person who is booking those scenes faces a lot of potential trouble. First, there is the criminal aspect but that issue aside, there is the civil issue. This means that the talent agent who the girl in question is under contract with can sue the person booking the scenes behind the agents back.

If a girl is under contract with a legally licensed talent agent, then the porn star has to abide by the contract.

If she doesn’t she faces legal trouble, just ask Raven Rockette about that one.

But also the person who is helping book her scenes also faces their own sort of trouble. It’s called tortious interference. And not only can the agent get damages (to get their money back) but also there is the case of fraud and if the agent can prove they did it “with malice” like in the case of Trinity St. Clair, the agent can get an even bigger damages in the lawsuit.

Long story short, if you are under contract with a legally licensed agent, you have to fulfill the terms of your agreement.  You can’t just say fuck you and start booking your own scenes or have your boyfriend or friend book the scenes for you behind your agents back.

If you really believe your agent has violated your contract then you need to work with a lawyer to get out of your contract and you’d be surprised how easy it can be. But you have to get out of your contract BEFORE you book those scenes if you want to avoid trouble.


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