Is your OnlyFans Account About To Get You Banned on Twitter?

Twitter has long had a suggested guideline but dictates their policy on what defines a spam account. It is known as the 80/20 rule and it’s a rule that can cause you to lose your twitter account if you violate it.

The word rule isn’t really a proper thing to call it because like I said before, it’s more of a community guideline than an actual “rule” but it’s still vitally important because if your account is found in violation of the 80/20 rule (that’s not really a rule), you could lose your account because Twitter could deem you a social media spammer.


So what is the 80/20 rule all about?

It basically means that no more than 20% of your tweets should be an advertisement or promotion of your brand.

That means if you tweet 10 times, only 2 of those tweets should be about the promotion of your brand. The other 8 need to be actual and genuine community involvement.

This is a problem for those performers who have accounts because your timeline can easily and quickly get filled up with tweets about how you just had a new fan join.

So what can you do to combat this while still making money with the website? Well, the answer to that is two-fold …

  1. Depending on how many new joins you get, you’ll either want to go into your Twitter timeline and delete some of those tweets, either weekly for the average performer, but maybe even every day for really popular porn stars.
  2. Tweet more often. Sounds simple but it’s true. Reply to more of your fans. Talk about what you are doing in a day. The only way to make sure that your timeline has 80% “real” tweets, is to actually tweet more often. Say good morning every morning on Twitter, and before you go to bed always tweet good night. That’s two extra real tweets in a day. I know it’s time-consuming, but the only way to ensure your not deemed a social media spammer is to quite simply tweet more often. Talk about your favorite perfume or what color panties you are wearing.
  3. Deactivate all other automated tweets by things like your daily horoscope. Those auto tweets can count against you.
  4. Go into your OnlyFans settings and turn off some of the auto-tweets. Instead just let them auto-tweet only when you have a new join or maybe a tip.


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