Jax Slayher from Hussie Models headed to court!

Jax Slayher of Hussie Models was recently featured on the Netflix series, Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On. This is the porn series that has been all over the news.

Jax Slayher

Hussie Models is busy promoting their “star” but what they don’t say is that he has an issue with authority.

In fact, on May 22nd he has an upcoming court date because of that very thing.

Jax Slayher was pulled over at what appears to have been a random traffic stop for expired tags but got belligerent with the police and as a result was arrested for obstruction and resistance. Just a few weeks ago he was issued yet another traffic citation — interestingly enough, it was in Coconut Creek, Florida, the very small town where the Cam Soda Live has was once located.

When you resist arrest and are such a dick to the cops you get your ass arrested, that’s violent behavior. I know I shouldn’t be surprised that a man known for violence is being represented by Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models.

It’s interesting to note that in the series Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On the issue of male aggression came up, specifically in relation to Jax. The show claimed that nearly one-third of all internet porn clips contain physical acts of aggression. Women are the target of that aggression 94% of the time.

The show then fasts forwards to Jax pushing the girls face into the couch, then putting his hand over her mouth so that she couldn’t breathe, while in the background Riley Reynolds yells, “Choke her!”

In real life, Jax claims to be a lover and not a fighter.

Guess he forgot that when the cops pulled him over that day.



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