The industry #rape story nobody seems to be talking about

I’ve always been a fan of Tori Black and I was sad when she stopped making movies. She did some great ones.

People have often speculated that she stopped being in porn because she was in a serious relationship, even had a child with a man. The man in question is ArchAngel director MimeFreak.

Lindell aka Mimefreak with Tori Black

But Tori Black (via twitter) went on record to say …

I’m going to set the record straight: my personal relationships did NOT dictate my status in the industry. I have no plans on returning rn. I’m just not in a place in my life where I want to perform on camera. That’s it and that’s all.

She still however feature dances and even appears at industry shows like Exxxotica NJ earlier this year.

Things lately haven’t been going well for Tori Black and shockingly, nobody is really talking about it for some reason.

First there was a model who is currently on the OC Modeling roster. She went to a go-see sometime last year. When she came back, she was upset, crying and freaking out. She said that Mimefreak (Tori Black’s baby daddy) took her in the back room and tried to force himself on her. It is unclear if he did sleep with her or not.


The RUMOR is that her agent talked her out of filing charges and to this day she remains on the OC Modeling roster so I could only assume it wasn’t that big of a deal if the girl was willing to continue to work with the people who put her in that position and then talked her out of filing charges against him.

This was why I didn’t run the story last year. There was really no way for me to prove that Mimefreak raped this girl or attempted to rape her.

But you know what they say, when there is smoke there is fire.

Fast forward to November and Tori Black makes a series of videos that have now been removed from Instagram. In the videos she reveals that someone (although she did not say who) called to let her know that Mimefreak raped a girl on set.

Remember Mimefreak is Tori Black’s baby daddy. Mimefreak is also known as Lindell or just Dell.


Maddy O’Reilly and Mimefreak at AEE, where Elegant Angel announced O’Reilly as the new Slutwoman. Photo by Rick Garcia/@IndustryByRick

Tori Black also drops another bombshell in her Instagram videos (they were posted on November 7). She said he has been physically abusing her for awhile and that one time she was holding their baby and he was so upset with her she choked her until she passed out.

I made 9 calls to ArchAngel’s publicist to find out their public take on the story and she didn’t return my calls. How the fuck does a companies publicist avoid 9 phone calls and text messages during the biggest scandal of the companies history?

Lindell aka Mimefreak with Tori Black

Now some people will be quick to write off Tori Black’s claims as a bitter ex. But in comes porn star Karma Karma. Last year she did a showcase movie directed by Mimefreak called Karma’s a Bitch.

She texted Tori Black and say that he forced himself on her during production of that movie. She said she felt like she had to put up with it because she couldn’t say no to the director of her first showcase.

She made it very clear she did not want to have sex with him but she was put in a position that she felt she couldn’t say no if she wanted to film her movie.

I don’t know for sure if a single word of anyone’s story is true. All I can do is present to you what it is people are saying.

I did try and reach out to ArchAngel to get a statement, but as I said before, they didn’t bother to get back with me despite my repeated attempts.

Why nobody else is reporting on Tori Black’s claims of rape, I don’t get either.

If girls are being sexually assaulted when going on a gosee that’s a big deal.

If girls are being sexually assaulted while on set, that’s also a big fucking deal.

If anyone in our industry is beating up on women, it’s a big deal. Domestic violence should not be tolerated in our industry.

So the question is, why are we as an industry not discussing it? I realize that legal matters like rape and sexual assault are matters for the police, but as an industry, don’t we owe it to the girls and their safety to at least discuss it?