What’s going on over at LATATA – the LICENSED adult talent agency trade association?

If you visit the official LATATA website it says “LATATA was setup in order to form a union between all licensed talent agencies for the adult entertainment business.”


LATATA is supposed to be a trade association for legally licensed agents. But as I reported last month, Ideal Image Models is no longer legally licensed and according to the state of California, their license expired last August and there has been no renewal put in place.

So why is Ideal Image Models still a member of LATATA?

How can they be members of a union for LICENSED talent agents?

Their website clearly states …

Current agency members include, alphabetically: 101 Modeling, Adult Talent Managers, Foxxx Modeling, Ideal Image Models, Matrix Models, Motley Models, OC Modeling, Spiegler Girls, Sylvaria Inc/Adult Star Models all licensed to operate in the State of California.

It’s been 4 months, so why is Ideal Image Models still a member? I hear he’s even attended LATATA meetings since his license expired.

What’s the point of even having a union of LICENSED agents, if you don’t even need to be legally licensed to be in the union?

The LATATA page says  …

WORK WITH LICENSED AGENTS.  If you’re a performer and not working with a licensed agent, be aware that your agent is breaking the law. CA law requires all talent agencies to be licensed and bonded and if your agent isn’t, you don’t have to pay your agent a commission.

They claim to be all about supporting those agents who are legally licensed. So then why are they helping out those who aren’t?

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