Do we have another Mr. Marcus among us? Fake STD test found!

I previously posted this story on another website and it magically disappeared. It’s an important story and I don’t want it to be lost so I’m re-posting it. Porn stars passing off (or trying to pass off) fake tests is a very serious issue. The Mr. Marcus incident was awhile ago and we have a whole new crop of porn stars who don’t know what what he did. We can’t ever forget that Mr. Marcus brought the industry to its knees by his actions. We have to keep the story alive and teach each new porn star that comes in about it, so they won’t ever be a victim of the fake test scam or as we call it now “Pulling a Mr. Marcus“.

I called Talent Testing yesterday, I spoke with a man by the name of Sergio. I asked him about the story I heard about a girl trying to pull a Mr. Marcus was true.

Talent Testing

They confirmed that in fact there was a talent (they wouldn’t say male or female) that tried to pass off a fake STD test.  As a result the person has been banned from their system and can now never use their services again in the future.

They said they were able to catch the fake test because of the TTS authentication controls that they have in place. Their special bar code system basically allowed the producer to easily catch the fake STD test.

I don’t know what this girl was thinking. Mr. Marcus spent time in jail, was sued by multiple people and is now banned from working in the adult industry as a result of doing this.

Is that one scene you booked really worth all that? I mean what the fuck is worth risking spending the next 30 days in jail? Who the fuck is that stupid?

I mean obviously Mr. Marcus but who else? Learn from his dumb-assary! Faking your STD test is a very serious offense!

I first heard about this story from TRPWL website, who at the time claimed that an agent was involved in the scam. I called the agent in question and of course he denied it.

TRPWL website said … “Whats unique about this altered test is it wasn’t altered by a book by gmail performer, Nope.. it was allegedly altered by the one and only Scott from Plush Models..Surprised? Yea,,either am I.”

The TRPWL website claims he has an email that proves that Plush Talent was guilty but would not show it to anyone or tell anyone who the producer in question or the performer in question was.

“Anyway, Im not gonna tell anyone who it is so don’t waste your time..”

When you claim to have evidence but refuse to produce it, my bullshit radar immediately goes up. So I decided to go directly to the source – Talent Testing. Since Talent Testing was the one who caught the performer with the fake STD test, I just flat out asked them.

Was there an agent involved in the most recent fake STD test?


Certain people are saying that Scottie from Plush Talent altered the STD test in question and emailed it to a producer. Can you say at least if that is true?

“I don’t know where you are getting your story from but no that is not what happened.”

They went on to say that they are not able to reveal the identity of the performer in question but that it had nothing whatever to do with an agent.

“I don’t know where this came from. As far as I know, nobody has brought anything to us about Plush Talent. The only person involved in this most recent incident was a single performer. We released no information to the public, somebody just made that up.”

To be clear, I asked once again, … to the best of your knowledge, did Scottie or Plush Talent have anything to do with the fake STD test or the performer who tried to pass off the fake STD test?

“No. I don’t know where they got this information. It’s not true.”

So there you have it … a quick little phone call to Talent Testing Service to find out if the story was true or not.

At this point we don’t even know 100% if it is a male or a female talent. If they were working in NYC, Florida, Las Vegas or LA. The rumor is that it is a female, but nobody can really confirm that, at least not officially.

The only thing we can say 100% for sure is that Talent Testing confirmed this incident had nothing to do with Plush Talent.

That’s not a rumor, that’s coming directly from the source, the very company who caught the performer using the fake test and first reported it – Talent Testing.

I get that sometimes bloggers have axes to grind and like to post stories without checking facts sometimes to try and discredit their perceived enemies.

But in doing that, it can have serious repercussions and it’s important that we at least try and find out the truth before spreading rumors like this.

There are always going to be people you don’t like. But just because you don’t like someone doesn’t give you the right to post lies about them.

If you want to attack someone, do it based on something they actually did, not something you made up. It only makes you look worse when people prove what you said were lies in the first place. You lose all credibility.




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