The Alexis Arquette Sex Tape. Is it really okay to profit from your ex when they are dead?

Alexis Arquette has been in the news lately as she unexpectedly passed away at the age of 47.

Alexis Arquette was born Robert, into the famous Arquette family including actors Rosanna Arquette and David Arquette (who married Courtney Cox of Friends fame).

In her late 30’s Robert became Alexis (around 2006), when she transitioned from male to female. She then spent the rest of her life making similar transitions.

Alexis Arquette

After Alexis died, her ex started shopping around a sex tape. Many thought it was in bad taste. I mean who shops around a sex tape with their famous ex when they just died?

In the end though, I am happy to report the sex tape was bought up by xHamster of all people for a whopping $25,000. But here’s the catch – they bought it with the sole purpose of destroying the footage. They had no intention to exploit Alexis after her untimely death.

The Inquisitr spoke with pop artist Sham Ibrahim, a former ex of Alexis about the sex tape and this is what he had to say ….

“There are always going to be vultures in Hollywood that want to profit off the misfortune of others. The sad thing is, Alexis is gone and she’s not here to defend herself. It’s sickening that anyone would have such disrespect in trying to sell a sex tape after a person has died, but at the same time I’m not surprised.

I mean, who cares is Alexis did a sex tape. Some of the biggest stars in the world like Kim Kardashian and Pamela Anderson have done the sex tape thing.

What makes me truly angry is someone is trying to profit off her death as if it’s a business opportunity. I don’t know who the person is, but I do know that I had no knowledge in the 17 years I knew Alexis of this person named Robert Dupont, who is claiming to have been her lover and [is] making statements about her health to the media.

He certainly isn’t her type at all. The men she dated were young and beautiful, this guy is way older than her and not at her type, so for him to come forward claiming they were lovers and his claims to have inside knowledge about her health are highly suspicious.

The family has not spoken on her health nor have her close friends, so I think the public should wait until the family actually says something before trusting the statements of people who are just trying to get in the news. Also, if this guy really was her lover and had such an impact on her life as he claims why did I never met him or hear of him from her in the 17 years I knew her?”

The tape in question is believed to have been made around two years ago and its release would have earned xHamster huge returns if they had been willing to exploit Alexis’ death by posting it. Instead, xHamster spokesman Alex Hawkins said in a statement that the website purchased all copies of the film from the unidentified ex-boyfriend because they wanted to gain control of the footage and destroy it. They were more interested in preserving Arquette as a transgender activist and pioneer than cashing in on her untimely death in the way that her opportunistic lover tried to do.

“Ms. Arquette was an icon and activist in the trans community and we could not see someone smear her memory the way the selling party was trying to do,” Hawkins said. “We acquired the tape and subsequently destroyed all copies of it.”

Although she was born a man, Alexis reportedly transitioned to female in 2006, and may have even opted to transition back to male more recently. She was the epitome of gender-fluid and was loved by men and women alike. The mark she made on the transgender community came years before that of Caitlyn Jenner or Laverne Cox. She was truly a pioneer and a trailblazer for the movement and she was fearless.

Now the good news – xHamster destroyed the footage. It will never see the light of day. In this video, you will see Michael Kulich, the PR rep for xHamster destroying it and we absolutely love them for it!