Sineplex in Mexico scams yet another girl!

Today I seen another tweet about those shady producers in Mexico not paying. This one was from 

Warning to new girls going to Sineplex in Mexico!! The studio does not pay anybody for shootings. Be aware of the producer Javier Vazquez!!

Turns out she too was a victim of this company we posted about not to long ago. These were the same guys who ripped off Megan Rain. Prior to that it was Samantha Rone was the one scammed before that.
 Legal Porno has recently spoke out saying they are not directly associated with Sineplex from Mexico and they “function as independent producers”. They go on further to say that they just bought the scenes from these guys.
My problem is, despite knowing that talent isn’t being paid and are getting scammed, they continue to do business with them.
What I do find odd is that Chris Strokes (male performer) got paid. Chris Strokes also tweeted out defending the thieving fuckers who ripped Megan Rain off. It was Chris Strokes that did the scene with Megan Rain.
I can’t say for sure, but I’ve been hearing some stories about this guy lately. Two different girls even say he shot scenes with them as a content trade and never delivered the scenes.
Another girl awhile ago claimed they did a content trade for each of their respective websites. Chris Strokes then took the content and released it on DVD without compensating her.
So could Chris Strokes be working with these shady fucks in Mexico? Could he be the ones convincing girls to shoot with Sineplex in the first place?

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