How do the new Mastercard rules affect @OnlyFans content creators?

The new Mastercard regulations aren’t really all that new considering they have been actual laws for a while now. But it does mean that platforms like OnlyFans and the like, will now really have to be careful to make sure that each and every one of their content creators who use their platform is following the rules.

Lawyers tell us that ….

Have model consent forms that verify a users identity and tools in place to verify users (two forms of ID or tools), ensure model releases address the consent provisions of Mastercard’s update (consent to have the content downloaded may not be in a standard release)

So this means you need to ensure that you have a copy of a model’s ID. This is needed for 2257 so that’s not new. However just to be safe not only should you get a copy of their ID, but you should take a photo of them holding their IDs as well. Make sure that the shots are clear of not only their face but also the wording on the IDs.

You need to make sure you have a signed model release for each and every scene you do with someone. This also isn’t new. You should be doing this already.

You need to make sure that you have clearly defined “consent provisions”. This is new for most people but it’s not a bad thing. It just ensures that nobody is getting sexually assaulted or feels violated when doing a scene.

You can get a copy of all of these needed documents at the website – just click on the tab that says RELEASES.

The last document provided at the Performer.Training website is called a Blank Location Release. This is a document that you can sign to have the homeowner or property owner to grant you permission to shoot the content in question. OnlyFans requests this sometimes. Especially if you are in a public place.

It’s provided as an editable Google Docs so that you can easily customize it to fit your own specific needs.

To be clear public nudity is prohibited on OnlyFans.

This means no shooting at the beach, in a forest, field, part, or any public paces, even if they are secluded.

Nudity outdoors is only allowed if shot on private property for example your own backyard but you must be able to provide proof that the content was shot on private property.

You must also provide proof of ownership of the said location. This means getting a location release. If you don’t have one, you can get a copy by clicking here.

You will 100% need the following three documents for every scene you do, with every person you performer on camera with.

If you do 17 scenes with the same person, then you need 17 copies of these same documents (one for each scene). These are not optional. You must have them for every person, for every scene. No exceptions.



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