What’s the average time it takes to have sex?

How long does sex last?
We all love wild and crazy sex … I mean come on, who doesn’t love a good shag? Bug what defines a good shag in terms of length? In other words, how long does sex last on average?

I mean if you were to believe romance novels then you would think that it was normal for a couple to bang for hours on end, then turn right around and do it 3 more times. But we all know that shit isn’t real. So what is average?

Turns out that some scientist conducted a study of 500 heterosexual couples and they found that on average sex lasted only for 5.4 minutes. This of course does not include foreplay, only actual penetrative sex. So basically it started as soon as there was penile penetration and the countdown ended at ejaculation.

Results also showed that, contrary to popular belief, age doesn’t lessen sensitivity, with sex between older couples being notably quicker. As well, sex using a condom appeared to be no different in terms of duration.

So yeah – the average couple gets it on for 5.4 minutes. I don’t know why but that just seems crazy to me. In porn the average scene is around 20 minutes but can last up to an hour. Okay we all know porn isn’t REAL but still, talk about a major difference.